Andie Brocklehurst List Segregation Online Software

List Segregation

Today I opened my email and found an interesting solution to a problem that I had, and I loved the solution brought to my attention so much I thought I would post it on my blog.

I have been following Andy Brocklehurt for a long time. That green bird was always sitting on his sholder. With that, I hope you know exactly who he is, but if you have no idea who I am talking about no matter. Andy has just released an online product that enables you to segregate a buyers list from your sellers list.

I use an autoreponder where the software does not have a way to segregate people on the buyers list and people on the free list. Andy does a great job of explaining how the software works, in his video. But his list of test data is just way too big to see exactly what the software does, so I made a dummy list myself.

Click Here:

Here are two list:

The first list is my buyers.

This second list are my free offers.


Now paste the lists in their proper area. Once done, click the “Finish” button.

A download will appear.

In the download file, you will find the name of my buyers. Now, I can put my buyers in the buyers database and not worry about who is in my free list. All I have to do is run this program a few times and it will make my database much more efficient, “don’t’ you think?” Andy says, this will save me money. Well, if I were on a plan where I had to rely on a pay per email autoresponder system, yep! This is a money saver. But, it’s also a save all around. Now I can say with 100% accuracy, my buyers list- are all buyers!


Thank you Andy!