Ant plus WSO Product Review

Ant plus WSO

Ant and WSO is an all inclusive product that was developed to communicate with YouTube influences and Affiliate marketers via a One on One professional and business conversation.

Now, before we talk about what this product is all about. Let's first define what is a Digital Product. So, what is a Digital Product?

A digital product is an electronic product sold and made available via the internet that may or can contains a program, information, a video or training, an ebook- all for the sole purpose of "solving a problem" or providing a solution, there in turn where the author of the product sells the solution and in return, receives a tiny fee.

The Ant and WSO are actually two products in one that demonstrates a way a newbie or an experienced person can use the contents inside (with a few personalized modifications) get the attention, and more importantly- arrive at the desired results. What do you say to a YouTuber who has over 5,000 subscribers or an affiliate who has a huge list? But why would you want to communicate with one or the other? What's the real objective? Answer: Both have huge subscribers and the best way to build your list is to offer both parties something in return that will put money in their pockets as well as help you build a list very quickly for your self and long term build a financial JV partnership that benefits both parties.

In a nut shell, that is what the "Ant and WSO" is all about.

Now, lets review the product in detail. This product has a lot of positives going. For one, the buyer does not have to reinvent the wheel and from what the product says, you can have a crafted product within an hour with a little practice. There are some suggested products, but what is very interesting is that no autoresponder is required. But rather an indorsed product called OptinDesigner is recommended. The product was written using LibreOffice Writer which is a free open source product similar to the Office Series product that everyone is very familiar with.

There are a few things in this review you should be aware of. To use the product as is, all you do is open up the LibreOffice Writer files. Locate an affiliate you would like to communicate with. Open up Thunderbird. Create a new email message and be sure to address the email with the email address of your party. The copy and paste on of 3-4 email messages into the new email. Right along side of entering the email address and or web address in a OptinDesigner form. Plus with Thunderbird, you have to address the signature line and click send. The next step would be to rinse and repeat.

The most interesting part about the process is that you can easily build an email list of your own for internal business communications. This way, you can re communicate with the using the second letter of correspondence. For those folks with an autoresponder, you can easily export the data from OptinDesigner and import the data into your autoresponder and send out a Blast or Shout Out.

The communications could be the announcement f a new video or a new product or blog message. This is entirely up to you. Is there a better way to do this on a wider scale? From the way I see it, communicating with someone about a product or service on a special personal one on one chance to touch base is worth it. Rome was not built in a day and most businesses are faced with a steeper curve greater than we have here. If you do not get anything else from this product, is that famous quote I recently heard “It’s Progress and Not Protection”- I sincerely hope that you get my meaning.

Ant and WSO is one of those products that really bring you back to the typewriter and stamp days, where people communicated with prospects and customers the old fashion way. It may not have been efficient, but it certainly did build some of the greatest companies in the world today.

From what I see for the cost of a lunch at your local fast foods, this product is worth the money being asked.

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