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A few months ago last year, I started using a plugin that I thought was going to allow me to build an email list. That was the hope. That was the dream. But with so many other projects out there, that made me who I am today, it just didn’t happen. Not with that plugin.

There comes a time in your life where you need some help. As luck would have it, I did what the tough guys do.. I faked it. A few weeks ago, I looked at my websites and decided, let’s kill some stuff. There are several advantages to having five websites. Here is one: You never run out of things to do.

Let’s start with email. Are you a programmer? Do you wish you knew how emails works? Well, I have been working with email for nearly all of my career. But that was really one thing that I could not master until I started my own blog. I figured it out and today, my sites are free of crap. Crap email addresses of people who use my website as a dumping ground for their crap. They started getting wise and thought that I was just another hump back webmaster with a 3rd grade education.

Turns out that the plugin that I got from WordPress was doing a few things that really ticked me off. First off, it was telling spammers who I was, just by sitting on my site doing what I thought was nothing. The other thing that id did was act as a relay, a sort of back door which made me really angry.

But that’s ok. I build my own stuff now and I am happier for it. I know how it works, I know the pitfalls of not doing the homework. There was no demo, there was very little documentation and there were no other folks reporting issues. But everyday I got more and more emails with fake addresses. But again, that’s ok.



So, today I do my own thing. There is this saying about free stuff. The phrase goes like this. Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s any good and because it is free, you have no recourse. There is no incentive to fix a problem, no money exchanged hands. That’s the main reason why I love buying products. I love buying products that work as described. I like the fact that I can talk with someone who knows what I am going through.

So, the question remains. Will I continue to download and install software on my blog? Answer is yes. yes, I will but with a whole new attitude and gusto. The turnabout will be as before. If the product really solves a problem, it’s affordable and to die for- then I’m in. How about you?

Let me send you some advice and some couponds that will make your day. Sorry but me no spammer, just a blogger with the best web based system all around



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Product Page: Cheat Sheet WP by Chris Ford

How To Make Money Delivery Digital Products: Get Started

Let me be straight and up front. I am not going to sugar coat this subject matter because with Covid-19 Pandemic here, it is imperative that people understand a few things. Selling digital products online is one if not the best way to make money online. You do not have to be smart, pretty or funny. What you need is just the desire and to know this is not a get rich quick scheme or anything of that nature. You will not be a success overnight, but once you make your first dollar in your PayPal account the rest will be history. So, let’s go over how to get that dollar into your account.

When you start selling products, you need traffic. People are traffic. I have no idea how you got here, but you are here. You are traffic. Before we begin our relationship, it is imperative that I tell you up front what I do and how I help people just like you with problems. If I were a nurse, my job would be to help anyone who came into the hospital, to the best of my ability. There are processes in place that I operate by that will allow the team here in the hospital to operate in a professional and logical manner.



My job right now is to solve your problem and not just your problem but for anyone who is interested in this subject matter. To help you, I share information. Yes, I literally talk about what you want to know and understand that I do not have all of the answers, so I make products that have the answers you are looking for. Some of the answers I have for you are quick, short and valuable. These answers are free and because it is more efficient that I give these answers away, not only are you educated with the answer, but I can also go on to multitask and help someone else.

When I help someone I am elated to get your feedback. I like sharing what you said with my audience and not only do they get something out of what you said, I can also make additional products where there appears to be a need for clarity or to show how to handle the problem successfully. Another way I gain the trust of my audience is via email. Yes, I use an email autoresponder which I call my digital assistant. This assistant works 24/7 helping me to deliver my message, news and information, suggestions and ideas to my customers. Over time, this system I have becomes very valuable. I use my assistant to ask questions and to drive my responses in a way that works for my audience. No one likes to receive spam, so I remove anyone who doesn’t want me on my list. I utilize coupons to help my customers take advantage of what I have to offer if they so choose. Nothing wrong with that. 

As a problem solver, I have to come up with solutions that make sense and then influence my audience that this solution I have come up with dressed properly into  a product will help them. My objective is to make things easier for You as opposed to harder, along the way you learn about me and I learn more about your needs. My objective is to ensure that the solutions you choose for your situation are being implemented. Some people read my solutions and still have questions, others read my solutions and move along to other things. There is nothing wrong with that, it’s just that acting in this way might not be in your best interest. Of course, maybe the product did not match your problem and had just a fraction of what you were seeking. There is no one product that will take care of everything, except mentorship. At this time, I do not offer mentorship as a solution. That kind of service would require more upfront fees and at this time, my best plan of action are the courses that I offer that act as a substitute for mentorship. At times I have to pick and choose my battles.

People ask me all the time, what should my digital product be? My answer is, to make that determination, requires some investigation. What I say is one thing but of course, I am not the only person in this space. There are other folks that have other ideas that are working for them, so it really depends on who you ask. But fear not, there are niches that I do not cover, so there are lots of under service people looking for solutions and that is where you come in.

Product pricing is something that I get a lot of questions about in my course how to make a digital product that sells. The fact of the matter is, people struggling are price sensitive and when developing a product that tackles the solution, presented in a way that is effective and works- the initial price of the product is low and very reasonable. I depend on my customers to be aware of the buzz I generate around a solution and be the first to get their hands on my product. If and when they do, the feedback I receive tells me how to improve my product or ensure that the product meets the payment. A product that does not do what it says, means I have not done enough research or that the experience in that area did not match what was presented as a solution. The more information you tackle the problem with, the better the outcome, however I have learned to listen to customers. Product creation is an art form, so expect disappointments at first. If you really suck at product creation, then you had better figure out a way to find products that solve difficult problems that sale and make money. Sorry, but no solutions are offered at this time.

Everyone has to build a sales page. I go into the function and details in one of my courses on building products and then selling them. A sales page is just a resume of what the product can do. Some sales pages present products solutions as the one all be all. Well, that is not always the case. Book titles must convey enough information to grab the reader’s attention. The table of contents should do the rest which is answering the question about what’s inside. Everyone has a different style, so there is no one right way, but there is a general formula for making and delivering a sales page. Again, I teach that in my course. 

The final piece of the puzzle is communicating with people using different campaign strategies. Some people like social media, others like to use advertising platforms. I like to utilize free platforms to generate traffic. To get the word out, you have to build a community and because I like automation, I utilize automation tools that help perform that task. Thinking outside the box is also very important. No two people think or act alike, we are creatures of habit and we are also stubborn. That means we do not get things right the first time, marketing or traffic generation means breaking habits if you have any and changing perception.

Final thoughts

To get started selling products is a pretty long road but I promise to make that road as easy as possible. You will need to invest in some tools, like a website and of course knowledge and courses. Other things you need can be found on the internet, but a considerable amount of your time will be research and figuring out where to jump aboard on a train traveling a thousand miles a second.

I love writing reports, it is something that I was trained to do by my mentor. Reports really give my audience those tiny pieces of information they need to make decisions and to consider thought provoking concepts about a subject matter they have no knowledge of. Reports are about a hundred times less than a book, so you are able to consume the information quickly and get what you need from there. My reports are conversation products that I research subject matter, and put together my thoughts which I present to you, which should hit the mark but not be so detailed that what should be a conversation becomes an unintentional detailed college dissertation. 

Product Catalog

Special Report: How to make money delivering digital products!

Product Description: This FREE Report describes how you can make money delivering digital products, but more importantly we answer questions such as: How to pick a niche, How to make your own products, What people want, How to deliver the products, How to get paid right away and 3 things about affiliate marketing people learn after trying it.

Click the ADD TO CART button to get this FREE Report (Be sure to use the coupon code below!)

Coupon Code: YES2ORDER






Old Time Radio Selling Tips

Ever listen to those old time radio shows? Well, I have and it thrills me when the radio show cuts to commercials. See, back in their day- the radio announcer’s job was to ensure that the listener did not change the station. Back in the day, it was harder to change any station. First off there were other people listening, so that was one consideration.

Then there was the fact that for old people, they would have to stand up, walk across the room to turn a stupid knob. Of course, if you made a mistake- you were back on your feet giving yourself a second chance at striking gold.

Fat chance of that happening.

Today, it’s not like that. As a matter of fact, if you walked into any home in america with the CoronaVirus Pandemic, going on- you would be hard pressed to even find a radio to listen too if a storm was approaching to rip the roof off your house. Listen, people back then were direct and to the point and so are we. The problem today with affiliate marketing is, the pay is slow. so,  by the time you have built up a nest egg, you have to survive dodging the milkman, because he is looking to collect his fee for delivering milk. And by the way, because of the CoronaVirus lock-down, the milk man collecting payment for services rendered is officially back and my popular demand.



Some people are thinking this is going to go away, but mind you- its back and the demand is stronger than ever. Digital Product Delivery is not going away and there are people making enough to pay their monthly mortgage, rent or college loan- because they took the time to learn more. And that is exactly what you can do for FREE today. Check out the Digital Delivery Product page and get a coupon to decrease your eCart total due.  



New HTML Editor Rocks

There is a new HTML editor that truly rocks. 

You see, I was out there minding my own business when I stumbled across the editor. As you know, the digital product download business (DDP) has almost exploded, if you have not already figured that out. This new HTML editor is something like I have never seen before. Lets just say, that for the layperson- you can literally steal a website using this program, it’s just that good.

Now, there are like a hundred online HTML editors out there there are awesome. But the 1% is what I am talking about. The 1% I am talking about are those editors that make you want to throw word press out the window and get back to making money online.

So, the question is: Does this HTML editor make you money? The answer to that question is YES and here is how. Word press is a fancy product that allows you to write content without any knowledge of HTML. Nothing wrong with that, but the problem is using word press will de-focus your prospect to do other stuff (besides) listen, focus on your content, follow you and such. This problem will hurt you without you ever getting started.

With this HTML editor you can borrow content and bend it to your will with very hard work. The same is opposite for WordPress where you have to really churn the content and unless you are a word press artist, you are screwed in the department of making it look nice.

There is a lot to be said about making money online. The skills required are as follows:

  • html programming
  • php programming
  • word processing skills
  • language skills
  • Sound/video Creation
  • artistic (visual) skills
  • Autoresponder (skills)
  • windows user skills
  • batch file programming
  • linux use/programming skills
  • FTP skills/Filezilla

These are but just a few of the skills you learn along the way. But what if the HTML editor gives you the ability to borrow/steal just about anything you want, enabling you to twist and bend the content to your will with complete focus and strict determination.

Well, the wait is over. The name of the free online HTML editor is called sellercore (sellercore.com). NOW I would put the hyperlink right here so you can quickly check it out yourself, but not today. It’s the year 2020 and moving forward, you will have to work for it.

There are very few videos to see this product in action with. There will be no need to research for additional information.All that I am saying is, you have to check out this product and subscribe as soon as you can. Oh, btw- I am not receiving an affiliate commission recommending that you check out this product. Yep- when I spot something worth sharing I just recommend and influence away.



During this CoronaVirus pandemic, people are just about ready to lose their minds, being cooped up for so long. And in doing so, the income that was once there has just about dwindled dry.

However, for some people- the jobs are not going to return, well- not any time soon or if ever- which is why the (DDP) business is not only taking off but growing. Working online from home, is going to be the norm and for those folks that have the skills or the opportunity to work for a company that encourages people to do so, there is no REASON for anyone NOT to take up this responsibility. Did I mention that as an affiliate, the pay can be just as slow as that stimulus check that is supposed to help you pay your bills? Check out my Products Page and be sure to get my coupons which are good up to 40% off. Additionally, let me remind you I have a free course that describes in detail why paying yourself is just another sure fire way to get paid today.





Make Money With Kindle Publishing

When I lived in Los Vegas, I took a break from exploring the mountains to write a little ebook about internet marketing. I wrote it in a few days, which is possible when you write about a subject you know and love, and then I published it on the KDP (Amazon Platform) along with a few other ebooks I had written.

Having once self-published a print book for $1.45, I loved the zero-cost aspect of going this route.

Soon I was making as much as $85 per month on KDP without any promotion, and about a third of that was from the internet marketing ebook. Sales have slowed for now, but I made a lot of money from my little Kindle ebook.

I loved the quick cash and all I can say is, what if you are interested in publishing your book on the FREE Kindle platform? You might make some money, so try it! That’s all I got to say about it. Now, here is the thing. Sometimes, these kinds of stories might influence you, but not make you the kind of money that you need right NOW. 

Anyone who has an understanding of affiliate marketing will tell you that it’s not as easy as everyone says that it is, and for those folks that do say that it’s easy “are just pulling” your finger, which is not funny. With this CoronaVirus pandemic going on, this is for some people an intense ride not knowing where that next check is going to come from and with what little funds there are, it’s going to really make a dent and be used and managed properly.

That’s why I have a FREE course on my Digital Download Product Page that might be something you are looking for. There are a million ways to make money on the internet and if you are going to go that route which I would encourage everyone interested to do, you have to be realistic and understand that this is not a get rich quick scheme or business. This business has its up side and of course for more people, the down side. The noise during this time is awful because there are folks out there looking for folks with the budget to give up a thousand dollars for a product that will yield a return in three to six months that’s really up there. 

Then there are folks like me who are making sure that our value and our proposition does not send folks to the poor house sooner than expected, which is why our products are sold with coupons.


Coupons in the Digital Download era make perfect sense. See, some people are not accustomed to working at home with a computer, day in and out- all the time. Granted you have to put in the time, to understand the technology and what all of that means. Let me give you a short example. Do you believe that you can perform open heart surgery by taking an online class and expect that person to live in a matter of six weeks or so? To be honest, I don’t want to be your patient- no offense but, I don’t want to die- not by your hands that is. But you get the point here, open heart surgery is a lot different than learning a skill that changes every second.

So, if you are interested in something that might put some gas in your car, turn you into a marketing junkie or become something you can fall on and make bank- the check it out. It’s not the Coronavirus holding you back, it’s that open heart surgery course that you might be worried about. Signup for your coupons, I will send them straight away and get you over to my Digital Download Product page.




Finding Affiliate Partners

Hey listen.

If you are someone who’s looking for an affiliate partner. I’ve got some news for you. Finding an affiliate who will partner with you is extremely difficult. It is hard and for some folks it can be frustrating.

Why is that?

Because, I’ve come to the conclusion that the reason that it is so difficult is because either the affiliate that would like to partner with you is often times inexperienced themselves or the experienced senior affiliate doesn’t want to spill his or her beans. Internet marketing is hard.

But one thing is clear and a lot of tools have since stopped the madness and that is, traffic snatching.

What is traffic snatching?

Well, it is a term that describes how squeeze pages can capture traffic exiting the page. See, a long time ago- webmasters, often referred to as Guru’s would ask affiliates to send their traffic to their squeeze pages and when a sale is made from that traffic who just so happens join the vendor’s list, then the affiliate would miss out entirely on the that traffic.

Now, don’t get me wrong- the system sounded well, awesome!  See, someone figured out this whole scheme. People are going to click on just about anything. I have a book written that described internet marketing in every detail your can imagine, using terms that no one has ever heard of. But, back to this important point I want to make. When a prospect or customer hits that vendors website, a cookie is planted on the customers machine. This customer or prospect is not aware of this, but this cookie is there ticking away as time passes. If the customer comes back and the nick of time, say 30 days and buy or buys products on the vendor’s website. The affiliate gets the commission. However, if the customer does not buy the product during that time, but buys the product say, three months later- ding, ding, ding- the affiliate does not get the chicken dinner. The affiliate looses.

Why is the affiliate the loser? Well, here is the thing. Most new affiliates in some way, shape or form- start out without an autoresponder. I am sure you know what an autoresponder is, so I will not go into your face about what it is, how it works and why.

The minute you send traffic to your partners website, their system will rape and pillage all your traffic. All you will have left, are just the leftovers. Now, these are the smart guys. They have either been doing this for a long time or have acquired their knowledge from a mentor. Finding affiliates is very hard and of course, these folks are treated really bad where (all’s fair in love and affiliate marketing).

But that’s not all. While this is not a plug for my book, head on over to my products page and check out the title and of course all of my products. A while back I figured out something about affiliate products. They pay you very slowly and for those folks that are into numbers, ask this- what the heck are those folks doing with YOUR money?

Well, from what I gather- the pictures I see of folks going to Vegas, driving the fancy cars and the girls with the boobs kinda tells the story. Its feast of famine today, folks and I for one am not holding back.

In the meanwhile, chew on some of this information and without thought, I would like to invite you to receive without obligation a coupon code which can be used to purchase products on this website. This is an opportunity for you to get up to 50% off on products offered here.

Now, that you are aware of my coupons and the wonderful discounts that can be offered to ya, how exactly do YOU use them and how about you getting paid today, just like me? Well, have I got a deal for my readers. I would invite you to take one of my FREE courses where I teach you about digital downloads and how to get started making, selling and sharing your knowledge while you are appreciated with customers that desire your digital products. The Corona Virus is upon everyone and for most of us, we will have to lay down and just stay there or think outside the box and get creative.





List Building Course For Profit

Building a list is the most important activity to do in this business no matter what niche you are in. Build your own list while teaching others to do the exact same thing with this complete FREE member-site. I believe you will enjoy the videos and the source pdf materials. Now, before I lay this on the line for you to look at, first let me say- if you are in business and you are not talking about the CoronaVirus, then you are either not in business or will not be in business at all. This all too time consuming problem faced by YOU, me and everyone is mentally keeping everyone on edge because we do not know where it is, how it will affect YOU on a physical level, nor do we want to contract this coodie. In the meanwhile, there are things that YOU and We and they can do to help this situation- and that is use your heads, stay safe and play it cool. 

Now, on that note- I took the liberty to investigate more of my online business into Digital Delivery Products and wow, what an awesome switch, the perfect decision. The problem is, that now that I have so much knowledge under my belt, it’s time to give away what we have learned to you. Less than 2% of the people who ready what I am about to ask you to do will click the link below and sign up. That’s not cool, but I have written a book that explains why and what can be done and again, how so that the Coronavirus will change your way of life forever. In doing so, the delivery systems in place now are operating on a super high level.

There is nothing special going on here, except we are promoting, suggesting and influencing product awareness in a no affiliate way. In other words, we don’t receive a commission. YAHOO! Our monetization system gets us paid today and not 30 days from today which is why we want to share our knowledge with you with no strings attached. If you are interested, great- just signup. If you are not, just click away- no harm, no fowl. It’s free and this may be just the thing that fits you to a T.




Software: List Building 101

List building During a Pandemic

Today more than ever, people are dying to learn the best way, not the right way- but the best way to build a list. Nothing face, something works, Nothing easy, something that really punches through.

Well, here is the grand tour: You asked for it and we responded with a tiny tip. See, people want stuff handed to them on a silver platter. I get that, but you are going to have to work for this tip. List Building is not easy. Anyone who says that it is, do not believe them. There are some products that do a really really good job of helping you to build your list. 

It takes hard work on your part, following some suggestions. But, the question remains how quickly, how urgent and how sweet would it be that you could take this advice and run with it? Would you not agree that it would be amazing.

So, here goes. For a limited time only, you can get your answers to list building by signing up to receive my coupons. Because inside, not only will you find my value coupons, but you will also find solutions that others swear by. About a year ago, on one of my other websites, I found something called Friend Recommender. I liked that system so much that I created my own. Here is how it works. One way, to double your list numbers is to offer products customers would literally die for, they are offered an opportunity to buy the product or submit the names of two friends and if they offered two friends, the product desired is yours.

This is probably one of the best ideas I have ever implemented and the best part is, the traffic that would normally fall through the cracks, don’t fall anymore. Well, the proverbial ball is in your court, look for and sign up for coupons here, you will be glad you did.


Be sure to look for my post entitled: Why Some Autoresponders Will Not Build Squeeze Pages with Multiple abnormal Fields



Free Training: Free Software Backlinking

Generating traffic is hard. No, I’ sorry. Generating traffic is very hard. Why is generating traffic hard? Because most of the products out there that tell you directly to purchase Bing ads or Facebook ads are asking you to throw away YOUR money. And the worse part about throwing away this money is, that it will never come back. The internet, the traffic and the people are not your normal customers.

Thousands of people may visit your website, but most will only stay for say, 20 seconds and they are gone. THAT is a shame. So, should you buy traffic? (Solo ads, FB ads, Bing Ads)? The answer to that question is that, it’s not sustainable.

But there is an easier way. Yes, there is a better way to generate traffic. The answer I propose and teach is to learn to generate your own traffic. Why buy the mile when you can buy the cow that makes the milk. You can have all the milk you want.

Right now, I want to give you access as a subscriber to my Traffic Generation Secret. It’s not new, it’s nothing special. All I have done for my subscribers is created a new software program that makes it pretty easy to generate traffic. More, so the software is free!

Why give away this cow? When you can generate all of the milk that YOU want? Because there are a million ways to generate traffic. My students appreciate how I honestly help them and to keep them in the loop, I also suggest and recommend products for which I receive a commission when purchased. Nothing wrong with that.