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R-U Nose Up, Ready, Set, One, Two, Three, Go!

Listen and listen good. I wrote this report to solve three problems. The first problem is to determine if I can quickly write a 700 word report with formatting intact, but with the ability to copy and paste the text directly into WP. The third and final reason for writing this report is to discuss our experience with the product called:


We hope that you enjoy our report.

There are a million autoresponders out there. Most of them are pretty good, and then there are the dogs. Listen, I say to the dogs- I have a few things I want you dogs to know.

• #1-You buy the dog and you can’t export a design as a template (sharing not allowed)

• #2 –Their way or it’s the high way (programmers make the rules)

• #3 –You can’t even IMPORT a design/template!

I was working on a project and I wanted to figure out which autoresponder out there would be the best one for me because I need to get settled. Have you ever felt that way? You are in a hurry and you need a solution, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money at first, but after trying the product and using it you discover, hey- this turkey has some interesting features and wow. I can see myself going the distance with this product.

Well, that is exactly the way we felt when you start to use:


Now, like most people, there are a lot of weirdness when it comes to the comments made about this and other autoresponders. We are always trying stuff and in the back of our minds, we say “that will never happen to me, or you, or they must be stretching the truth.” No on it their right mind would ever put up with that crap. Or would that?

 Why on earth would you even try MailChimp? Well, here is the deal. There is this autoresponder out there that is green and something about a leaf that was our first pick. We figure, we tried it before but we could never get past first base. We signed up, tried all of the features we could within say, eight hours and wow. Amazing. But when we were rejected, we decided that, the best thing to do was to do some home work.

On an old thumb drive, we discovered we had some old HTML squeeze page designs. Wow, they were really amazing and we loved them. Now, that was a topic of discussion, but we kept that idea on the back of the burner. Now, if you get my drift (we were wondering) if we could import a HTML design from another product, person or service. Short answer yes. Simply amazing.

 Now, one of the reasons for exploring this opportunity was, we needed to become familiar with the product and design very fast. The idea here was to learn as much as we could (within an allotted) amount of time and generate the tools we wanted share with our audience. And boy did we learn a lot. As a matter of fact, we will share with you some of our squeeze page designs because they are impressive.

Back to our story. We needed to generate a squeeze page, fast. But we also did not want to generate a lot of lists, data bases, or niche lists. Thank goodness, we saw that insider MailChimp, that attitude has been resolved. Which makes the next logical stuff logical. Testing designs. To tell you the truth, we have not reached that area of the mountain, we are still in the design a form, get our message out there and once we build up our speed, we will be on our way. The main point we want to get across to you right now is that we can design many, many, many squeeze pages and get that design out there and working its BUT off, like it should.

Finding the perfect product to launch your MailChimp knowledge can be very difficult, but we believe we can help in that regard. We review products everyday and on this site, you will find our reviews interesting and enticing. These products solve a very important problem and after reading our reviews, if the problem fits your foot, then you must not acquit.

Not only do you need traffic, which by the way has been resolved, the next thing you need is an email responder that fits your current budget, your current needs and does not put you in hot rocks with your accountant, then you want to utilize the one and the only product; hands down that fits the bill. MailChimp.

Update: MailChimp does not allow Affiliate Marketing Folks on their platform. As a matter of fact, everyone on their platform is in a boat. What that means is, what affects one affects all. However, it was just discovered that you can use a squeeze page outside of MailChimp and use the email capture fields on an outside form, this in the end using the MailChimp email collection engine separately, thus the AI program will not detect the words associated with Affiliate Marketing. MC is therefor the perfect platform for non profits, non money makers but money givers. It was a wonderful experiment.


Hands down, get the gift for yourself.


100% Free – New PDF Download Report Makes You Cash Fast
Sell & Deliver Digital Products On Auto Pilot
Free Report: Three Easy Steps To Etsy Success