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Jennifer, was at work when she discovered her computer running TrafficZion at home, with whom she calls her TrafficZion server stopped working. It stopped working because her home had lost power within a few hours of her being at work.

From previous experience that meant TrafficZion was no longer functioning. TrafficZion is a traffic generating machine, often referred to as a "Digital Assistant". A software program running on a computer, who's only purpose is to generate traffic. Free traffic!

The server running this software was not just important, it was paramount that the machine get back on line as soon as possible

Jenny works less than 20 min away from her home, so it was not a chore for her to go home and reset her digital assistant. People like you and others may not have that ability, but it would be a very nice personal pleasure to discover if our computer and software were still in great shape.

But what was really interesting about this story was working on the same computer carrying out a single task every hour was a script called heart beat.

Every hour, heart beat would end Jennifer a text message letting her know, that her internet was up and working, the computer was on and working, thus bringing Jennifer peace of mind. Let me ask you a question? How do you know your computer running TrafficZion is working?

How do you know your digital assistant is diligently working? Well, now you can find out hourly, or every two hours, your needs can be setup just for you. What is heart beat? Heart beat is a script that is setup to do one thing. Tell you that your computer and internet connection is ok. If your computer stops working then you will not get a text message or an email message. If your internet connection stops working, the your computer running TrafficZion will not be able to perform its tasks properly. Now, let me ask you a question?

Wouldn't you rather know the status of your worker bee or continue to live in the knowledge that your system and software are just working when in fact, knowing is better? Would you rather live in the dark or know for sure? Well, if you are like most people, you would rather like to know that you system and internet connection are working.

For this peace of mind, how much is that worth to you? $20 dollars, $30 dollars maybe $60 dollars. Well, no worries because this digital product is simply going to cost you the price of regular lunch at your favorite fast food, including the drink. $8.00. But that's not all. For buying Heart Beat, we will also include our bonus word press plugin called xxx. This software will help you build an email list using video and a tiny squeeze page. Now, this software can be easily sold for $22 but because we want everyone who is using a stand along computer much like a server, relying on TrafficZion to perform without interruption or complications, this tiny script and complimentary Word Press Plugin will help you in your business.

Now, let me ask you- would you rather continue running your assistant without a hear beat thus taking a chance of not knowing your computer has stopped working or would you rather be in a position to know that everything is working perfectly every hour, maybe every 15 minutes via a text message or an email message hitting your phone or any email account you desire. Order Heart Beat today, because you will be glad you did. There are no refunds for this digital product.

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