MMOL Bill Is An Idiot

My best friend Bill and an entrepreneur. That word entrepreneur supposed to mean make of innovation, risk taker and crazy. Yes, crazy because most of the time, these people fail for reasons unknown and many. Bill, my very best friend is a nut. He goes and buys what he believe is a license to make his own unlimited supply of gas, gives the product away because he is unable to master and control it then along the way comes in contact with a new seller, a person willing to give Bill a look at this new gas supply system, but winds up paying for every gallon of gas his new unlimited supply system produces.

Now, for the crazy part. Bill is an idiot. Love him to death as a person, as my friend. But Bill is an idiot. Turns out every day this happens to people in the MMOL space every day. Rather than stick with their current license to print money from their first investment, the Bills of the world go right out there and buy another system and mostly wind up paying for ever gallon they use and try to make with MMOL systems that work, but do so at a pace that is horribly inefficient. The bottom line is, that instead of the investment paying them dividends, the Bills' of the world are paying somebody else. I am not a rocket scientist but does it stand to reason, that Bill's that let this happen are idiots? What are your thoughts?

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My Cool Blog Trick

My Cool Blog Trick: Thank you for visiting my blog and I promise you that for the first 30 people who take me up on my FREE offer, you will enjoy the toy I have to offer you.

Now, let’s begin. A few days ago, a new product hit the internet scene. The name of the product is called VidChomper. Now, if I am spelling the product by name improperly I apologize. Like most products, this one does not do the impossible on the one hand, on the other hand, if you truly implemented the use of this product, there is a very good possibility that you will get your YouTube channel shut down. So, what does VidChomper do?

The software looks at creative commons videos. The software give YOU the YouTube channel owner to ability to pick two, three videos and combine them, thus making a new video.

Nothing wrong with that so far. Here is the rub and this is where I give YOU some facts and just for reading this blog post my free software. First, the rub: Combining videos can not only get you into trouble, which it’s not supposed to, but not citing the video’s as creative commons is worse, so much so- your channel will get shut down. The developer of the product got so excited about what you can do, but failed to provide the information you need to stay, and continue to stay on the right side of the law. Don’t you hate it when people tell you half the truth? Now for my surprise. I want to give you some free software that will help you stay on the right side of the not getting your channel shut down.

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Green YouTube Video

Lets get right down to the chase. Please look at the video below. Be sure to watch it several times. For the first 30 people, you can get this tiny software that will take any youtube video and post it on your blog, just as I have. The software will enable you to title the video, give a sub head and also link it to a download, a resource, another web-page and more. Heck the link could be to a sales page. This software will be HERE for the asking on 8-18-2019!

This link will be here till 8/30/2019! I will write about this little gem, because there is another button I did not demonstrate. Oh, did I tell you that all updates will be free for the 30 people?

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