Finding Affiliate Partners

Hey listen.

If you are someone who's looking for an affiliate partner. I've got some news for you. Finding an affiliate who will partner with you is extremely hard. It is difficult and for some folks frustrating.

Why is that? Because, I've come to the conclusion that the reason that it is so difficult is because either the affiliate that would like to partner with you is often times inexperienced themselves or the experienced senior affiliate doesn't want to spill his or her beans. IM is hard. But one thing is clear and a lot of tools have since stopped the madness and that is, traffic snatching.

What is traffic snatching? Well, it is a term that describes how squeeze pages can capture traffic exiting the page. See, a long time ago- vendors would ask affiliates to send their traffic to their squeeze pages and when a sale is made from a prospect who just so happens join the vendor’s list, then the affiliate would miss out entirely.

This systems to capture this kind of traffic is called many things, such as exit pop and stuff like that. Now, one thing that I have not made it a habit of and that is using exit pops. The software that I use has two pieces of code to make decent exit pops. Now, that reminds me. It certainly would be nice to implement exit pops into my software. I will give that some thought and see if I can do something of the sort. In the meanwhile, chew on some of this information and tell me your thoughts.

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List Building Course For Profit

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Software: List Building 101

Here is the grand tour:

List Building is not easy. Anyone who says that it is, do not believe them. There are some products that do a good job of list building. While there are others that stand out from the crown. For a limited time only, this list building software will be on sale for $9. It’s a word press plugin that has awesome power and it’s not only easy to use, it works. Now, I don’t offer software outside my blog for cash money, I usually provide value like this insider my emails messages, but this one is a exception. Before you give this software a try, there is no money back guarantee as this is a single purchase. The plugin is for word press, so you must have a website to utilize this software.

Lets give the video the grand tour of this software and you decide.

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Free Training: Free Software Backlinking

Generating traffic is hard. No, I’ sorry. Generating traffic is very hard. Why is generating traffic hard? Because most of the products out there that tell you directly to purchase Bing ads or Facebook ads are asking you to throw away money. And the worse part about throwing away this money is, that it will never come back. The internet, the traffic and the people are not your normal customers.

Thousands of people may visit your website, but most will only stay for say, 20 seconds and they are gone. THAT is a shame. So, should you buy traffic? (Solo ads, FB ads, Bing Ads)? The answer to that question is that, it’s not sustainable.

But there is an easier way. Yes, there is a better way to generate traffic. The answer I propose and teach is to learn to generate your own traffic. Why buy the mile when you can buy the cow that makes the milk. You can have all the milk you want.

Right now, I want to give you access as a subscriber to my Traffic Generation Secret. It’s not new, it’s nothing special. All I have done for my subscribers is created a new software program that makes it pretty easy to generate traffic. More, so the software is free!

Why give away this cow? When you can generate all of the milk that YOU want? Because there are a million ways to generate traffic. My students appreciate how I honestly help them and to keep them in the loop, I also suggest and recommend products for which I receive a commission when purchased. Nothing wrong with that.

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My Cool Blog Trick

My Cool Blog Trick: Thank you for visiting my blog and I promise you that for the first 30 people who take me up on my FREE offer, you will enjoy the toy I have to offer you.

Now, let’s begin. A few days ago, a new product hit the internet scene. The name of the product is called VidChomper. Now, if I am spelling the product by name improperly I apologize. Like most products, this one does not do the impossible on the one hand, on the other hand, if you truly implemented the use of this product, there is a very good possibility that you will get your YouTube channel shut down. So, what does VidChomper do?

The software looks at creative commons videos. The software give YOU the YouTube channel owner to ability to pick two, three videos and combine them, thus making a new video.

Nothing wrong with that so far. Here is the rub and this is where I give YOU some facts and just for reading this blog post my free software. First, the rub: Combining videos can not only get you into trouble, which it’s not supposed to, but not citing the video’s as creative commons is worse, so much so- your channel will get shut down. The developer of the product got so excited about what you can do, but failed to provide the information you need to stay, and continue to stay on the right side of the law. Don’t you hate it when people tell you half the truth? Now for my surprise. I want to give you some free software that will help you stay on the right side of the not getting your channel shut down.

Watch the video below. I am so sorry, no video will be shown, but perhaps you would care for some software.

Generate Traffic Using Free Software

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Green YouTube Video

Lets get right down to the chase. Please look at the video below. Be sure to watch it several times. For the first 30 people, you can get this tiny software that will take any youtube video and post it on your blog, just as I have. The software will enable you to title the video, give a sub head and also link it to a download, a resource, another web-page and more. Heck the link could be to a sales page. This software will be HERE for the asking on 8-18-2019!

This link will be here till 8/30/2019! I will write about this little gem, because there is another button I did not demonstrate. Oh, did I tell you that all updates will be free for the 30 people?

Free to the first 30 People!

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Take A Look At This Video

Demonstrates Green YT

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And Welcome To My Green World

There Is Nothing Wrong with Being Green

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Special Sauce

Thank you for stopping by. There is something special about this secret sauce that I would like to share with you. But before I do that, take a look at this video please. Watch it all the way through.


Watch The Video Below Till The End

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