Click Solutions: Attention Affiliates Who Help Us

Attention Affiliates Who Help Us! Warning about haters!

Today, you have untold reach and access to billions of people across the globe. All you need is a laptop, Wi-Fi and an opinion. There is noting wrong with that. We all have elbows and ass-holes, but what makes us different is how we think and believe about things. Some of us agree to the same things, other not so much and then there are those that sit on the side line, watching everyone else duke it out.

Listen, when you see a dissenting comment pop up on online publication, do you cringe? Are you quick to call them haters? Well, the heck with that because everyone has an opinion, so- we are all haters. But are they? Do they dislike what you have to say, or really dislike what you stand for?

Haters don’t hate you, they just hate themselves.

Say, if you sell a product and that 3% don’t get it what do you do? Better still, what do you do when they send you hate mail. “I want a refund or I can’t get it to work or this is a waste of my time”.

Have you ever ran into that noise? Well, we have all been on the other side of that stick and to be honest, most of the folks who sell product that say, “I WILL HELP YOU”- are gone once they get your money. Do you know why?

Because those are the folks fighting, charge backs, refunds and everything else you can think of. They are very busy, hiding and most of them are just as frustrated as YOU because it was suppose to be easy.

Here is a great idea. If you don’t understand the product you are promoting, then don’t offer it to your audience. However, if you understand the product and it working for you, why not promote the product yourself. Offer additional services at rake in the cash, yourself.

A while ago, my team posted a report- about people who buy from us and how the scammers need to take their business else where. We’ve posted our terms of service, thus people know where we stand. But in asking the scammer to go else where, they have no idea where the other guy stands. Mostly likely, and always no in their favor. The scammer usually return, because- they know and understand today’s systems will mark you as a high product return customer.

Did you know that, when people disagree or are threatened by what you post, they don’t react to a person, they react to a computer screen. Now, the screen doesn’t feel. The screen doesn’t hurt. But you do.

This frees that person from their social inhibitions, its like having a beer in front of the computer. BTW, that’s not a good combination. Its like drinking and driving- a big no, no. People get killed every year doing that stuff and do not let me tell you how many drunk people send their boss a message, while drunk telling them “they are an ass”.

Well, if its the weekend- don’t come to work because- “YOU DON”T have a job.”

You’re Fired!

Like, not in the movies. You are stupid fired.

Listen, people have feelings and we sometimes do not take criticism very well. But what everyone can agree on is that, there is no reason to get upset when the line to hell is long, the flames are not upon you, but you hear people screaming- just be glad its not you. Listen, when people disagree with you- they may not be upset, they may be correct. Don’t take things to the next level, stay calm.

There are many, many problem out there and the “done for you solution” may be the best thing for you and the customer. Offer a done for you solution, before, during and after. Allow others to be your voice. For example, there are several books that people use to study to pass professional tests. Most of the authors are very good at what they do, but their book voice can be honey to bees for some people or crap to stink for others. Ever met a college professor that you could never see eye to eye. No matter how hard you tried, they just suck. Through observations, some mothers discovered their children learn better with working with or in opposite the sex of the child. Can you believe that? Could working with another human being be that difficult?

The answer to that question is yes. Sometimes, its not about who you are working with, but to what temperament the person has. Now, what should you listen to this message, from Click Solutions? Because here, at Click Solutions its not about one person, its about you and we will make sure that everyone gets what they need using the products we sell.

The haters have been warned that we do not take kindly to their language, their quick to buy behavior with a habit of high product returns without ever giving the product a fair chance to do what it suppose to do.

To all of our affiliates, we forewarn you of the ugly side of – and we call it like it is – making money online.