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What are Coupon Codes?

Coupon codes are sometimes referred to as discount or promo codes. They are presented as a small string of letters and or numbers (if you like) that are used to help save you money for online purchases.  We like our promo codes to make perfect sense, but for those occasions where we really want our familiar customers to pay attention:


That’s when we send out STRANGE codes via email which have short term lives! These coupon codes are the best from a business perspective.

Coupons used on line are just like the all familiar grocery store coupons, BUT online shopping coupons offer larger discounts and for good reason. Coupons for some folks mean cash and for those who know what they are and how to use them, they serve as a means to get something for less than regular costs. Did you know that not a lot of businesses utilize coupon codes? That’s because the businesses I am saying do not use them, rely on affiliates to promote their products, thus saving big time money.


When you do the math, most feel- give that coupon money to the affiliates. They are working hard or very hard for every penny.

How do we want YOU to utilize our coupons?

Well, let me explain. On occasion when we release a new product, we use Coupons to see what our shoppers think, and we use them for a LIMITED TIME. Our media buzz creations campaign about a new product is generated via email.

Additionally, because some of our products are 100% Free, we use the checkout cart to help our customers become familiar with the eCart. And once our customers become familiar and adjusted to using our eCart, then it is not only easy but a very brilliant way to build a relationship with our customers. Coupon codes are our focus because it’s so easy to give away money in a way that everyone understands. If you have a great idea and of course have a website and would like to dive into Download Digital Products, check out our Course on this topic.




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