Finding Affiliate Partners

Hey listen.

If you are someone who’s looking for an affiliate partner. I’ve got some news for you. Finding an affiliate who will partner with you is extremely difficult. It is hard and for some folks it can be frustrating.

Why is that?

Because, I’ve come to the conclusion that the reason that it is so difficult is because either the affiliate that would like to partner with you is often times inexperienced themselves or the experienced senior affiliate doesn’t want to spill his or her beans. Internet marketing is hard.

But one thing is clear and a lot of tools have since stopped the madness and that is, traffic snatching.

What is traffic snatching?

Well, it is a term that describes how squeeze pages can capture traffic exiting the page. See, a long time ago- webmasters, often referred to as Guru’s would ask affiliates to send their traffic to their squeeze pages and when a sale is made from that traffic who just so happens join the vendor’s list, then the affiliate would miss out entirely on the that traffic.

Now, don’t get me wrong- the system sounded well, awesome!  See, someone figured out this whole scheme. People are going to click on just about anything. I have a book written that described internet marketing in every detail your can imagine, using terms that no one has ever heard of. But, back to this important point I want to make. When a prospect or customer hits that vendors website, a cookie is planted on the customers machine. This customer or prospect is not aware of this, but this cookie is there ticking away as time passes. If the customer comes back and the nick of time, say 30 days and buy or buys products on the vendor’s website. The affiliate gets the commission. However, if the customer does not buy the product during that time, but buys the product say, three months later- ding, ding, ding- the affiliate does not get the chicken dinner. The affiliate looses.

Why is the affiliate the loser? Well, here is the thing. Most new affiliates in some way, shape or form- start out without an autoresponder. I am sure you know what an autoresponder is, so I will not go into your face about what it is, how it works and why.

The minute you send traffic to your partners website, their system will rape and pillage all your traffic. All you will have left, are just the leftovers. Now, these are the smart guys. They have either been doing this for a long time or have acquired their knowledge from a mentor. Finding affiliates is very hard and of course, these folks are treated really bad where (all’s fair in love and affiliate marketing).

But that’s not all. While this is not a plug for my book, head on over to my products page and check out the title and of course all of my products. A while back I figured out something about affiliate products. They pay you very slowly and for those folks that are into numbers, ask this- what the heck are those folks doing with YOUR money?

Well, from what I gather- the pictures I see of folks going to Vegas, driving the fancy cars and the girls with the boobs kinda tells the story. Its feast of famine today, folks and I for one am not holding back.

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