Finding Affiliate Partners

Hey listen.

If you are someone who's looking for an affiliate partner. I've got some news for you. Finding an affiliate who will partner with you is extremely hard. It is difficult and for some folks frustrating.

Why is that? Because, I've come to the conclusion that the reason that it is so difficult is because either the affiliate that would like to partner with you is often times inexperienced themselves or the experienced senior affiliate doesn't want to spill his or her beans. IM is hard. But one thing is clear and a lot of tools have since stopped the madness and that is, traffic snatching.

What is traffic snatching? Well, it is a term that describes how squeeze pages can capture traffic exiting the page. See, a long time ago- vendors would ask affiliates to send their traffic to their squeeze pages and when a sale is made from a prospect who just so happens join the vendor’s list, then the affiliate would miss out entirely.

This systems to capture this kind of traffic is called many things, such as exit pop and stuff like that. Now, one thing that I have not made it a habit of and that is using exit pops. The software that I use has two pieces of code to make decent exit pops. Now, that reminds me. It certainly would be nice to implement exit pops into my software. I will give that some thought and see if I can do something of the sort. In the meanwhile, chew on some of this information and tell me your thoughts.

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