Free Training: Free Software Backlinking

Generating traffic is hard. No, I’ sorry. Generating traffic is very hard. Why is generating traffic hard? Because most of the products out there that tell you directly to purchase Bing ads or Facebook ads are asking you to throw away YOUR money. And the worse part about throwing away this money is, that it will never come back. The internet, the traffic and the people are not your normal customers.

Thousands of people may visit your website, but most will only stay for say, 20 seconds and they are gone. THAT is a shame. So, should you buy traffic? (Solo ads, FB ads, Bing Ads)? The answer to that question is that, it’s not sustainable.

But there is an easier way. Yes, there is a better way to generate traffic. The answer I propose and teach is to learn to generate your own traffic. Why buy the mile when you can buy the cow that makes the milk. You can have all the milk you want.

Right now, I want to give you access as a subscriber to my Traffic Generation Secret. It’s not new, it’s nothing special. All I have done for my subscribers is created a new software program that makes it pretty easy to generate traffic. More, so the software is free!

Why give away this cow? When you can generate all of the milk that YOU want? Because there are a million ways to generate traffic. My students appreciate how I honestly help them and to keep them in the loop, I also suggest and recommend products for which I receive a commission when purchased. Nothing wrong with that.