How To Purchase Cheap Google Ping Services With No Money

Build Your Own Ping Machine

Ping services should cost you an arm and a leg. And when you operate a review site with the objective of saving your readers money this report should help them. But let’s be fair, this report is only going to make you wonder. Let’s stop for one second and explain why you want to come back to (spark2membership) and read this report.

Review sites seldom, get the best respect as they should. A great deal of time and effort is going into their web property and very little in return is – returned. On the comment side, if you will look- its zombie land out there. However, one of the best ways to help your digital assist is to establish a “Google” ping service.

What that means is you can auto ping on a regular basis to get Google to come to your site in the best way. So, how? How can this be done. Well, in the weeks to come, we will take a look at some of the web based properties out there and build our own “Digital Assistant”. The objective is clear, the mission is clearer.

Build a Google Ping Service

We took our own advice and built our very own Ping Service Script. This script can be used on just one site. The script was built as a Macro Key Short cut. All you have to do is ensure you have the script software installed and then apply our script and away you go.

To use the script you simply assign a hot key which is a combo of two or more keys. You hit the hot key and those web links you wanted reported to Google and inserted, one line at a time.

But don’t take our word for this ping service. It was a pleasure to write the script which accomplished two things. The first pleasure was getting to learn more about the software and the second pleasure was, solving the problem.

You and everyone else has so many problems and there are only so many hours in the day. Using that time wisely and making a difference in the lives of our customers is what really matter to Click Solutions. When we give this script away, we don’t just make a friend, we have a customer for life.

To get that script for free, leave us a note using the form below. That’s all we ask.