How To Setup Your Own Gravatar for TrafficZion

Setup Your Own Gravatar for TrafficZion

What is a Gravatar?

A Gravatar is just a piece of code that is unique to YOU and more your property. Everyone has a unique Gravatar/avatar. An avatar is an icon or an image that represents you in the virtual world.

Btw, a Gravatar is a Globally Recognized Avatar.

Q: Should you use a logo or your photo?

Answer: Entirely up to you. Prefer the use of logo. Can’t sell your business if your face is all over it? Right? But that is entirely up to you. Be sure to check out the Famous Amos, cookie guy- and what happen to him when he lost his name.
Slap a logo on it and you’ll be a-ok.

Strategy: “Did you know that any changes made to your Gravatar image in your Gravatar account is made across all websites” So, if think what your Gravatar would look like if it became a domain name. ie. “space constraints”. The address would have to be pretty short and easy to type.

We like Gravatar for two reasons:

#1 – You can update Gravatar images, emails and profile information in one convenient location.

#2 – You can build recognition and drive traffic to your website.

Before you setup your Gravatar, have this info ready on hand:

First Name_________
Last Name _________
email Address ___________
Password ______________
Website (Word Press) Domain Name (
About Me_______________________
Public Display Name __________________
Primary Site _____________________
Web Address ______________________________
Language [English]_______
Dashboard Color Scheme [default/classic bright]

Note: You can make changes to your Gravatar at any time. However, be sure that your website and the web address are the same. This is the property YOU own. So, if your website is then use that, do not utilize anything else as this is the more important of your Gravatar. Also, do not forget your user name and password.

This is everything you need for your Gravatar. You can add a logo, your photo, or drawing later or if you add something you do not like, you can freely change everything again, as many times as you want, just do not change your website address, just put that in there only once.

Why do you need this information?

TrafficZion uses Gravatar. As a matter of fact, its the magic of making the software work to your advantage. TrafficZion manual uses is very well known, but the internals are a guarded secret.

To better support our customers, you need information about TZ and that’s exactly what you get here. It is paramount that customers know how to install TZ and how to configure their Gravatar.

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