LeadX Review | Does The Product Live Up To The Hype?

A few days ago, I came across a new software. The software is called LeadX. It is a cloud-based software that uses the power of website authority. This is something most people have never seen before. Now, I am not going to talk about how the software can embed your affiliate link on say, the website of CNN or Times or some of these other fancy well-known brand out there. But what I will say is, that the programming and resources to make this a world class product really shows on the front end. The interface is very simplistic. You setup your campaign, enter them and you promote them, and sit and wait.

Now, there are two versions of the software. In a nut shell, the first version only allows you to enter in 100 special seeds is what they are called. What you really need are unlimited, because no matter what- you will never run out of things to do with your seeds. The newer version or the perversion give you the ability to setup an unlimited number of seeds or “campaigns” in other words. Which is better? Well, the second version is better because you also get developer rights and agency licensing both of which I am not familiar with. So, what’s missing from this world class product? Glad you asked, because that is what our new product called LeadXY is all about. We know how tough it is to get started, and Leadx does a good job of giving you an edge. But, you and I know to make this work, requires YOU putting in long hours doing stuff. Yes, if you are so cheap you do not want to buy traffic, yes- you have to put in the long hours. But honestly, where do you get traffic to feed this monster?

Well, its called Quora. And yes, this product is Quora friendly if you use common sense and in a way that does not cause, hate and discontent. Here is the deal. The problem with free traffic is that this activity of generating it takes up your time. But more importantly, have you ever been trained step by step to quickly generate free traffic using Leadx?

Answer is no, which is why LeadXY is so important. LeadXY was developed as a part of a system to force YOU to focus. You are to focus on the tasks that are important. You are to do things step by step.


Here is an opportunity for YOU to take my Leadx course and download the Productivity Tool Bar made especially for Leadx. The previous name of this tool bar was called Leadxy. Productivity Tool Bar or PTBar is a much better name. This course is valued at $80 and for good some very good reasons. Leadx hijacks the popular websites and while the software is very easy to use, most people can become over whelmed with or without a strategy, structure and focus. Click the link here: https://spark2membership.info/sales/