Old Time Radio Selling Tips

Ever listen to those old time radio shows? Well, I have and it thrills me when the radio show cuts to commercials. See, back in their day- the radio announcer’s job was to ensure that the listener did not change the station. Back in the day, it was harder to change any station. First off there were other people listening, so that was one consideration.

Then there was the fact that for old people, they would have to stand up, walk across the room to turn a stupid knob. Of course, if you made a mistake- you were back on your feet giving yourself a second chance at striking gold.

Fat chance of that happening.

Today, it’s not like that. As a matter of fact, if you walked into any home in america with the CoronaVirus Pandemic, going on- you would be hard pressed to even find a radio to listen too if a storm was approaching to rip the roof off your house. Listen, people back then were direct and to the point and so are we. The problem today with affiliate marketing is, the pay is slow. so,  by the time you have built up a nest egg, you have to survive dodging the milkman, because he is looking to collect his fee for delivering milk. And by the way, because of the CoronaVirus lock-down, the milk man collecting payment for services rendered is officially back and my popular demand.

Some people are thinking this is going to go away, but mind you- its back and the demand is stronger than ever. Digital Product Delivery is not going away and there are people making enough to pay their monthly mortgage, rent or college loan- because they took the time to learn more. And that is exactly what you can do for FREE today. Check out the Digital Delivery Product page and get a coupon to decrease your eCart total due.