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Lower Back Pain Solutions You May Not Have Considered

Free Back Pain Solution

Listen, if you are having problems with lower back pain, then you have come to the right place. There are millions of people, just like you and me who have pain. The funny thing is, the pain is often so bad, we are just wanting a short term solution, till we can tackle this issue.

You and I don't like pills but when you go to the doctor, that is about all you can get from them. Sure, they will often times take a $700 xray and the worse part about the xray is the bill that arrives 30 days later. Just when you are just about ready to tackle this issue, the doctor wants another xray. Today, I don't do xrays on my back and I will tell the doctor that unless the xray is free, do not even tell me I need one because, all that does is put money in your pocket and I go home with a broken back, a empty wallet and my mental state is cloudy.

There are many solutions to lower back problems and for each person, the solution is different.

7 Surprize Lower Back Solutions That Can Make A Difference:

Solution #1

Solution #2

Solution #3

Solution #4

Solution #5

Solution #6

Solution #7


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Rancho Cucamonga – Irvine – Newport Beach – Lime Life Information



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No matter what time in history, be it present or past. Living in one of these wonderful cities, is an awesome experience, and it is also one that is talked about daily. Or the subject that comes up about living in a wonderful and expensive place comes to mind. For some people who can not afford to live in such a wonderful city, the thought of survival means taking stuff that does not belong to you. Selling it for cold hard cash. So, often times, you will look up at the television and see who is in handcuffs, being taking away to the pokey. (jail)

Often times, stealing from the rich, the pretend rich, which are people just a pay check away from being homeless because the choices to live in a place you can not afford, simply because of the zip code- to me does not make any sense.

But there are people in California who do so because, its the thing to do and I really, really understand the foolishness. But like i said before, I spend a lot of time in Beverly Hills and if I told you what I saw today, or last week- you would think that I'm making it up. But that's ok, I rub elbows, each day with people whom you know, but low and behold. They drive beat up cars, wear soiled clothes and pretend they have nothing in the way of a tip, which makes me angry because they are sometimes the least (some of them) to tip the hard working people serving them. Here is a message to Beverly Hills, folks. Stop pretending like you do not have money because you do and start tipping people right, else I will stop and encourage everyone else to not buy your stuff or listen to your music. You know darn well who I am talking about. So chill.


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Blog Post With Unusual Squeeze Page Pulls In 99.9% Leads On Autopilot

100% FREE – New 16-page PDF Download
“10 Ways to Make $10 in 10 Minutes”

No matter what people tell you when it comes to internet marketing, there are tips and tricks that will drive a person nuts. For example, I just saw something that blue me away. At first I thought that this was something spectacular and original but low and behold I hit the jack pot.

Let’s start from the beginning. Suppose you want to build a list for a specific product and your objective is to build a list. But the idea of building a list is so boring and like most folks who are running out of ideas, you have to come up with some new ones.

They say, PDF’s are dead. Well, they say that about all kinds of thing. For example, Youtube videos do not work anymore. The theory here is that YouTube is stealing your traffic today because of the new changes, they are not helping YOU. YouTube is hurting YOU. Well for the lay person who makes videos and of course has no funnel in place, they really do not care.

But for the guy who is making a part time living or paying off their college loan, or for the guy or gal that needs the money to make the phone or car payment, this is a big deal. So now that we have established that YT is stealing traffic from you, not a big deal. Well, it is a big deal. So, in that regard- you come up with something totally new. One solution would be to move from YT to another video hosting platform that is free and offers more, but be prepaired to pay out of pocket for the free extra’s.

Now before I continue with YT, lets get back on topic.

So, let me begin with my story. I found this website and the webpage looked so, deceptive that what I saw, I thought I would copy (the funnel). The following were my observations.

Original Webpage:

If you would kindly click the link above, it will take you to a webpage. As you read/scan every line you will see a deceptive fly trap head line that reads. 100% FREE – New 16 Page PDF Download

Below this tiny headline is a link. You click the link and it takes you to a squeeze page. But the interesting thing is, if you look at the address bar, the first impression I received was that the page was an actual pdf. Now before I interested my email address (this trap) got me!

Have you ever observed a sales funnel that was so cleaver, that you wanted to memic, model or for some of the folks out there (copy) the sequence? Well folks this is one of them.

Why am I telling you this? There are so many things that the guru’s do not tell you about traffic and more importantly how to bend traffic to your will. Check out the webpage below.

Now, if you look at your address bar, you will notice 16-page-pdf and the page looks so close to being a pdf. (to me rather) But what I want to point out is, this is the perfect squeeze page offer. I am 100% sure this one is getting like 99% conversion. I say 99% because it failed to get me. I somehow stopped myself, because it looked kinda weird with the pdf stuff. Man, this looked so good. So, what or how can YOU utilize this. Well, let’s break down the formula.

100% Free – New X-page PDF Download <-This is the headline

“” <-Put your offer in quotes

IMAGE_OF_DIGITAL_PRODUCT <-Here is where it gets crazy. (*memic your digital product pages)

Tip: Make sure the (digital product image) has a link. Make sure the FREEBIE offer is clickable. Which of course takes you to the sales page. Now, all the while you are looking at the address base, you are thinking you are being taken to a pdf but in reality you are being scooped into a mesmerizing world of giving away your email address.

Now let’s look at the sales page. It continues from the previous page with the title, graphics and perfectly centered at the bottom of the page is the form for supplying your email address. Please note: The message just below the “10 ways to make…” which is in RED by the way. The over the top message is in brackets (Method #6 is my favorite!).

This is so enticing. Of course, lets not forget the bottom of the squeeze page. Get All 10… Enter your email and Click “DOWNLOAD NOW!” all in quotes is an all to often seed message. Got ya!

The rest of the page is not of interests, but you get my drift. This is one of the best squeeze page funnels I have yet to see that utilize more visual tricks than software tricks.

Now, for those of you reading this and have gone to the web links, don't you agree this is wonderful! There is a whole lot more to what you see here on these pages, if you look close, you will also see other interesting pieces of the complete puzzle. Additionally the reason for pointing out this entire page, is because it works. This is called the c-classic funnel, because it took a lot of time to finally figure out the funnel elements to make it work, and there in all of its glory is your key to funnel success.

Now memic the funnel! Memic, not copy!




100% FREE – New 16-page PDF Download
“10 Ways to Make $10 in 10 Minutes”

Autoreponder Nose Up, Ready, Set, One, Two, Three, Go!


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R-U Nose Up, Ready, Set, One, Two, Three, Go!

Listen and listen good. I wrote this report to solve three problems. The first problem is to determine if I can quickly write a 700 word report with formatting intact, but with the ability to copy and paste the text directly into WP. The third and final reason for writing this report is to discuss our experience with the product called:


We hope that you enjoy our report.

There are a million autoresponders out there. Most of them are pretty good, and then there are the dogs. Listen, I say to the dogs- I have a few things I want you dogs to know.

• #1-You buy the dog and you can’t export a design as a template (sharing not allowed)

• #2 –Their way or it’s the high way (programmers make the rules)

• #3 –You can't even IMPORT a design/template!

I was working on a project and I wanted to figure out which autoresponder out there would be the best one for me because I need to get settled. Have you ever felt that way? You are in a hurry and you need a solution, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money at first, but after trying the product and using it you discover, hey- this turkey has some interesting features and wow. I can see myself going the distance with this product.

Well, that is exactly the way we felt when you start to use:


Now, like most people, there are a lot of weirdness when it comes to the comments made about this and other autoresponders. We are always trying stuff and in the back of our minds, we say “that will never happen to me, or you, or they must be stretching the truth.” No on it their right mind would ever put up with that crap. Or would that?

 Why on earth would you even try MailChimp? Well, here is the deal. There is this autoresponder out there that is green and something about a leaf that was our first pick. We figure, we tried it before but we could never get past first base. We signed up, tried all of the features we could within say, eight hours and wow. Amazing. But when we were rejected, we decided that, the best thing to do was to do some home work.

On an old thumb drive, we discovered we had some old HTML squeeze page designs. Wow, they were really amazing and we loved them. Now, that was a topic of discussion, but we kept that idea on the back of the burner. Now, if you get my drift (we were wondering) if we could import a HTML design from another product, person or service. Short answer yes. Simply amazing.

 Now, one of the reasons for exploring this opportunity was, we needed to become familiar with the product and design very fast. The idea here was to learn as much as we could (within an allotted) amount of time and generate the tools we wanted share with our audience. And boy did we learn a lot. As a matter of fact, we will share with you some of our squeeze page designs because they are impressive.

Back to our story. We needed to generate a squeeze page, fast. But we also did not want to generate a lot of lists, data bases, or niche lists. Thank goodness, we saw that insider MailChimp, that attitude has been resolved. Which makes the next logical stuff logical. Testing designs. To tell you the truth, we have not reached that area of the mountain, we are still in the design a form, get our message out there and once we build up our speed, we will be on our way. The main point we want to get across to you right now is that we can design many, many, many squeeze pages and get that design out there and working its BUT off, like it should.

Finding the perfect product to launch your MailChimp knowledge can be very difficult, but we believe we can help in that regard. We review products everyday and on this site, you will find our reviews interesting and enticing. These products solve a very important problem and after reading our reviews, if the problem fits your foot, then you must not acquit.

Not only do you need traffic, which by the way has been resolved, the next thing you need is an email responder that fits your current budget, your current needs and does not put you in hot rocks with your accountant, then you want to utilize the one and the only product; hands down that fits the bill. MailChimp.

Update: MailChimp does not allow Affiliate Marketing Folks on their platform. As a matter of fact, everyone on their platform is in a boat. What that means is, what affects one affects all. However, it was just discovered that you can use a squeeze page outside of MailChimp and use the email capture fields on an outside form, this in the end using the MailChimp email collection engine separately, thus the AI program will not detect the words associated with Affiliate Marketing. MC is therefor the perfect platform for non profits, non money makers but money givers. It was a wonderful experiment.


Hands down, get the gift for yourself.


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What You Should Know About One Time Payment Autoresponders


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We received an email message about a new autoresponder. It cooks, it cleans, but it can not and will not include what you really need! Read our story and decide for yourself if you think self made autoresponders who's one time payment is attractive.

About three years ago, like most folks we were on a kick about paying monthly for an autoresponder. For a while there, the big autoresponder companies were getting their sales cut flat. Yep. Like most folks, we were on the band wagon for more control, better deliverability and major less out of pocket money. The world was at our feet, asking US to pay only a small fee and for the rest of your life, you had an autoresponder that could cook, clean and kill or capture every email address in sight.

So, like most folks we bought into that dream and we stumbled with everyone else, but we learn some important things and that is what this report is about. Stuff, you never knew until it happens to you, because most of the “stuff” never gets put into the reviews.

Why? Because the reviewers are all still using the big boy software that requires a monthly commitment and refuses to change to save a few bucks because what they lose, they will never get back in productivity.

Ok, what is all of this fuss really about. Well, if we are sounding like we are the rat to spill the rat juice about the crap that is out there, get a load of this.

We purchased two autoresponders and got as a bonus for buying some affiliate marketing product a bonus called OptinDesign. The best software out there period!

But what was to be learned about the two autoresponders out there turned out to be something of an allusion of the real crap out there, where what you want, what you desire, what you need is perfectly, being decided by a programmer who is smarter that YOU.

So, what is our conclusion, when it comes to the autoreponders out there.

#1 - They are all appealing, they look good but “ARE THEY”?

#2 - But then the rules get changed (due to upgrades) YOUI never asked for.

Here is something I DISLIKE, but will look for in the next autoresponder: Why can't I add an email address to a list and have that person go through the entire series?

Here is something I DISLIKE, why is it that the autoresponder decides when a person never opens my emails, it will automatically delete the email ever 30 days without my permission? When I discovered that xxyxilit did that I hit the roof. Sorry about the spelling, but we are trying to live within those rules.

Here is something, I DISLIKE, why is it that I have to buy the extra stuff to make the front end work. For example, I bought a program ($17), I wrote the folks because it would not allow me to import my addresses into the software, it worked for a few weeks but after I complained, they said they were not going to work on it anymore (we call this kind of software Vapor Ware) cause poof~ its gone and so was I. I loved the concept of the software, but the programmers were not smart enough to keep our cookie, so we move on. Wish I could send them some hate mail, but because the software is not working, I doubt they would ever get it.

Here is something, I DISLIKE- but learned the hard way. NONE OF THE pay only once, autoresponders will allow or give you the ability to create a TEMPLATEs you can share with other folks, so here is the deal. I make a template for something and discover, I could never give it to my friends, my customers so they too can you import my templates and nor could I generate exportable templates.

Yep! Oh and lastly, here is something, I DISLIKE- the software company determining if my hard earn members who signup are idiots and so they delete them without my permission because we users are just too stupid to run our own email autoreponder.

Lastly, I just ran into the biggest problem I have ever had. How to add multiple squeeze pages to one database. Here is what i mean?

#1 - Style or squeeze page - earn xx - FORM1 - > Affiliate Marketing DB

#2 - Style or squeeze page - earn xx - FORM2 - > Affiliate Marketing DB

#3 - Style or squeeze page - earn xx - FORM3 - > Affiliate Marketing DB

#4 - Style or squeeze page - earn xx - FORM4 - > Affiliate Marketing DB

#5 - Style or squeeze page - earn xx - FORM5 - > Affiliate Marketing DB


Each squeeze page if of a different design, but the AM db is the same. The idea here is to see which squeeze page works for different markets, ie. YouTube, face book (which I DISLIKE - cause they can change the rules and poof~ you're out of business overnight) or they can reject what you are doing and shut you down.

There are no courses on building a mail list with considerations I have just mentioned?

OptinDesigner – is one of the most prolific softwares out there that is truly interesting, works great and has lots and lots of templates.

So, if we were to recommend a program to use, there is nothing out there that makes sense at this time, except if you have an email list of less than 1K. We would highly recommend that you jump on anything that is free, that reminds you to buck up after you have exceeded 1K or that offers a bundle, and or allows YOU to EXPORT your creations to share with your audience.

If you find something like that, be sure to leave a comment! We will jump all over a highly converting forms, with different templates and has a rather nice price point when it comes to the number of emails on file, plus the ability to manually add emails to a list which will complete the series.

That’s all we have to save about that. Do you feel me?


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Free Digital Marketing Course | Your Career Changer

A wonderful gift and a life changer!

There are lots of courses on the internet that are life changers. But there are very few that are 100% free that change a life. How would you like to take a free course and determine if the course is a life changer for you as a Digital Marketer? There is nothing wrong with free especially when there is something for you that can change your life.

Take a few minutes and listen to this stories below and see if this is something you might be interested in learning more. plus of course the Free Course is yours. All you have to do is click the blue button to get started.

Free Mini Course | Click The Blue Button

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Countdown Your Product Offer With Scarcity

You need your own countdown timer.

Why? So as to heighten the natural response to scarcity and urgency, thus leveraging both instinctive senses to cause an action. Inaction means taking no action, where as action means taking just that.

Taking Action!

No one goes to Amazon for the purpose of not buying anything. If you are going to look, then more times than not- you may wind up buying something. Dis spite this fact, Amazon makes it pretty clear to “buy something”. Yep. There are little signs, hints, tips and helpful tricks that lead you the way.

We use a clock to urge our customers to buy things.

We have tricks as well. However, we do so because, there are deadlines we respect and we impress upon our customers, when time is running out.

Buyers understand this because they are always looking for a deal and when the deal is about to be discontinued or for those buying based on price- the price will rise. Sometimes, missing the going price is the best thing in the world. What that means is, the buyers was going to buy the product no matter what the price brake. The product is well worth the price increase and more.

Web masters make it a point to make sure their products are sold anyways and the best way to ensure that success is to throw scarcity into the ad page. Everyone does it and so should you? Of course you should, though no because everyone else is doing it. But because the idea of being in business is figuring out a way to stay in business.


When a visitor, comes to your web page- you have less than a minute to entice, romance or convert your visitors face into a smile. Do so with scarcity, because your sales will increase, your customer will be happy for the "On Sale" product and for the most part- it makes sense. Below is our scarcity timer.


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Memester Review – Get Fresh Leads And Sales On Complete Autopilot


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In a nutshell, what is Memester?

Memester is a social media marketing tool that creates and syndicate viral videos that brings you higher reach, explosion in engagement and more sales. It’s a desktop app that lets you grow your audience and visitors. It will make viral automation easy for you. So, just make your videos go viral easily as the success is not in making videos but getting people to watch them.

Who is Memester for?

There is no point in making videos if people are not watching them. All you time and efforts are wasted if your targeted audience is not watching. But with Memester you can overcome this problem. It’s like owning 4 apps in one that will make your videos viral in just few clicks.

Some of the people who can benefit from Memester are –

  • Video Marketers
  • Social Marketers
  • Ecom Sellers
  • Bloggers
  • Website Owners

Few things I love about Memester:

1) With Memester, you can pull in new visitors by the hordes using the ‘watchbait’ technique used by the top e-com & content marketing sites.

2) You can generate a crazy number of clicks to your offers, and massively boost your social media presence at the same time.

3) With Memester, you get full reporting and control of how your content is working. So, just monitor your content and see their performance.

4) You can turn portions or segments of videos into viral videos easily. Memester doesn’t limit to using the whole video to create viral content. Just select the part of video you want and create the content with that part only.

5) With Memester, you can create MP4 or GIFs and distribute them in any way you want.

Get Memester today and start getting more social traffic and engagement!

What will I get inside Memester?

Memester lets you create viral content across different social media platforms and get audience and viewers on complete autopilot. Here is a detailed look at what exactly Memester will do for you –

You can discover content or popular videos that you can turn into memes quickly and draw audiences. Just put in the keyword and find videos.

You can easily syndicate and schedule your post across different platforms. Just click and your finished meme will be posted.

You can see what’s working and what’s not working with your meme marketing. Get a bird’s eye view of how your traffic tactics are working.


Any drawback to Memester?

If you don’t want to be the person who gets left out every time while others are making fortunes, then Memester is for you. This product from Cyril will definitely ease out your video marketing campaigns. Once you start using Memester so long as you keep it you will get the desired results. Now if you are repelled by being popular then maybe you should reconsider Memester! Other than that just go for it without even batting your eyelid.

Final thoughts on Memester:

The fact of the matter is that it is not possible to get the right set of targeted traffic every time you make a video. Sooner or later you will lose motivation or just get plain tired of all the hard work. Cyril has factored in every possible element of video marketing with Memester. If you don’t want to waste your time doing manually what can be done on auto, then you must go ahead and buy Memester. After all every minute you save from menial work, can be spent in pursuit of happiness or productivity.


Free Video Course:

*Learn to make your first online sale in this free 10 minutes video course.  Stop struggling, look at this free video!

*Instant delivery



100% Free – New PDF Download Report Makes You Cash Fast
Sell & Deliver Digital Products On Auto Pilot
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