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No matter what people tell you when it comes to internet marketing, there are tips and tricks that will drive a person nuts. For example, I just saw something that blue me away. At first I thought that this was something spectacular and original but low and behold I hit the jack pot.

Let’s start from the beginning. Suppose you want to build a list for a specific product and your objective is to build a list. But the idea of building a list is so boring and like most folks who are running out of ideas, you have to come up with some new ones.

They say, PDF’s are dead. Well, they say that about all kinds of thing. For example, Youtube videos do not work anymore. The theory here is that YouTube is stealing your traffic today because of the new changes, they are not helping YOU. YouTube is hurting YOU. Well for the lay person who makes videos and of course has no funnel in place, they really do not care.

But for the guy who is making a part time living or paying off their college loan, or for the guy or gal that needs the money to make the phone or car payment, this is a big deal. So now that we have established that YT is stealing traffic from you, not a big deal. Well, it is a big deal. So, in that regard- you come up with something totally new. One solution would be to move from YT to another video hosting platform that is free and offers more, but be prepaired to pay out of pocket for the free extra’s.

Now before I continue with YT, lets get back on topic.

So, let me begin with my story. I found this website and the webpage looked so, deceptive that what I saw, I thought I would copy (the funnel). The following were my observations.

Original Webpage:

If you would kindly click the link above, it will take you to a webpage. As you read/scan every line you will see a deceptive fly trap head line that reads. 100% FREE – New 16 Page PDF Download

Below this tiny headline is a link. You click the link and it takes you to a squeeze page. But the interesting thing is, if you look at the address bar, the first impression I received was that the page was an actual pdf. Now before I interested my email address (this trap) got me!

Have you ever observed a sales funnel that was so cleaver, that you wanted to memic, model or for some of the folks out there (copy) the sequence? Well folks this is one of them.

Why am I telling you this? There are so many things that the guru’s do not tell you about traffic and more importantly how to bend traffic to your will. Check out the webpage below.

Now, if you look at your address bar, you will notice 16-page-pdf and the page looks so close to being a pdf. (to me rather) But what I want to point out is, this is the perfect squeeze page offer. I am 100% sure this one is getting like 99% conversion. I say 99% because it failed to get me. I somehow stopped myself, because it looked kinda weird with the pdf stuff. Man, this looked so good. So, what or how can YOU utilize this. Well, let’s break down the formula.

100% Free – New X-page PDF Download <-This is the headline

“” <-Put your offer in quotes

IMAGE_OF_DIGITAL_PRODUCT <-Here is where it gets crazy. (*memic your digital product pages)

Tip: Make sure the (digital product image) has a link. Make sure the FREEBIE offer is clickable. Which of course takes you to the sales page. Now, all the while you are looking at the address base, you are thinking you are being taken to a pdf but in reality you are being scooped into a mesmerizing world of giving away your email address.

Now let’s look at the sales page. It continues from the previous page with the title, graphics and perfectly centered at the bottom of the page is the form for supplying your email address. Please note: The message just below the “10 ways to make…” which is in RED by the way. The over the top message is in brackets (Method #6 is my favorite!).

This is so enticing. Of course, lets not forget the bottom of the squeeze page. Get All 10… Enter your email and Click “DOWNLOAD NOW!” all in quotes is an all to often seed message. Got ya!

The rest of the page is not of interests, but you get my drift. This is one of the best squeeze page funnels I have yet to see that utilize more visual tricks than software tricks.

Now, for those of you reading this and have gone to the web links, don't you agree this is wonderful! There is a whole lot more to what you see here on these pages, if you look close, you will also see other interesting pieces of the complete puzzle. Additionally the reason for pointing out this entire page, is because it works. This is called the c-classic funnel, because it took a lot of time to finally figure out the funnel elements to make it work, and there in all of its glory is your key to funnel success.

Now memic the funnel! Memic, not copy!




100% FREE – New 16-page PDF Download
“10 Ways to Make $10 in 10 Minutes”

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