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No matter what time in history, be it present or past. Living in one of these wonderful cities, is an awesome experience, and it is also one that is talked about daily. Or the subject that comes up about living in a wonderful and expensive place comes to mind. For some people who can not afford to live in such a wonderful city, the thought of survival means taking stuff that does not belong to you. Selling it for cold hard cash. So, often times, you will look up at the television and see who is in handcuffs, being taking away to the pokey. (jail)

Often times, stealing from the rich, the pretend rich, which are people just a pay check away from being homeless because the choices to live in a place you can not afford, simply because of the zip code- to me does not make any sense.

But there are people in California who do so because, its the thing to do and I really, really understand the foolishness. But like i said before, I spend a lot of time in Beverly Hills and if I told you what I saw today, or last week- you would think that I’m making it up. But that’s ok, I rub elbows, each day with people whom you know, but low and behold. They drive beat up cars, wear soiled clothes and pretend they have nothing in the way of a tip, which makes me angry because they are sometimes the least (some of them) to tip the hard working people serving them. Here is a message to Beverly Hills, folks. Stop pretending like you do not have money because you do and start tipping people right, else I will stop and encourage everyone else to not buy your stuff or listen to your music. You know darn well who I am talking about. So chill.


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