TrafficZion: Customer Retention It’s Time For A Change….

Attention Affiliates It’s Time For A Change 

Listen, and listen good.

One of the most expensive and difficult tasks facing any business is … Folks, its not about traffic this time. ok. The answer to the question is, acquiring new customers.

That’s right. It’s the customer crutch this time. In that, 1989 Kevin Costner movie hit, “Field of Dreams,” you build it and they will come.

That is so ironic because this is what the big cities and the big companies do, that don’t do their home work. In the end, what they all wind up with, is with a big whoop! Funny, right. Been there, done that!

Well- the reality is, with some ingenuity and some know-how (not to mention some spit on the hands), and some intensive heat cause by rubbing them together, everybody can have success.

Yep! Success is like a glass of water, you give to a good friend. Add some ice on a hot summer day, and you have got a best friend- (for ever). So you think.

Retaining customer presents an interesting dilemma. Question number one: How do you keep them from running away. Answer: How do you shower on the internet and not stink all the time? Yes sir. Everybody is trying to hold on to that one and only. The funny thing is our marketing is opposite this question. We tend to to draw on the masses, when in fact we should concentrate on the "ONE".

“The Customer.”

Lets look at some interesting examples of stupidity. Here is one: Building a website, but never updating it. XYZ has been in business for 30 years and their website is just as effective when it was built as it is today. In other words for example, the website did nothing then, and it sure as heck is doing nothing now.

Some of the code is so bad, when you visit the site- your browser crashes. My browser screamed, and my computer rebooted.

Someone is responsible for that statue. Yes, blame it on the accounting department because they get all the blame. No money, tight budget and they talk a lot about return on investment. Why not just, entice the current customers to buy again, and again, and again? How do you make that happen? Boy, have I opened up a can of worms.

Lets’ see.

Technology plays an important role in relationship marketing. What that means is, I like you or your money and you like me and my products. We have a relationship. Our relationship is I give, you take. But not before I collect the money. Customers want deals? Customers want what they want and most customers believe they can get it elsewhere. Not really true.

But, the fact of the matter is- everywhere else will be sub par. To attract customers, you frazzle, you dazzle and everybody does it in different ways. Now, lets get to the bottom line fast.

You are tired and I am not a good typist.

There are ways to attract and communicate with customers and one of them is on social media. The problem with social media platforms is, there is little very focus, people are fighting "the attention span of a child", hard to read and most purchases are just fly by’s.

People say, read, herd, bedazzle, so much so as to encourage, decide and to buy. All in that order.

Wham, blame thank you mam. This is the common phrase.

Not good. Not good at all.

We are trying to get your attention.  At any second, something else flashes on the screen and you are gone. The customer is going to DO something else.

We got three seconds to get some love and attention, draw you in and take those digits from your credit card, debit card or gift card. Now, the experts say that once we get the product you ordered to you, the next thing we need to do is to ensure that you are happy with your purchase and continue to court you, like a first date with your second cousin in the car. Not a lot of fun for the three of us.

Nothing wrong with that. Come to figure if you gave us some money, we got a good relationship. You got the money and you are giving it to me for something you need, that I sell on my website.

But there is something missing.

The experts say, we got to continue to wine and dine you, for that next big ticket item you might be thinking of buying. Nothing wrong with that, so to keep our presences on your mind, we have got to remind you.

We have to advertise and be ready, to make a deal and soon. How the heck does an online business do that? Its not hard, its nothing fancy, but it makes perfect sense. We must entertain, educate and present an offer that is sometimes high, and at other times, low enough, sweet enough for you our customers to say yes.

Saying yes, all the way as those credit card digits are being entered into the online credit card form.

The Internet has made it easier for companies to track, store, analyze and then utilize vast amounts of information about customers, to make a sell. Customers are offered personalized ads, special deals, and expedited service as a token of appreciation for their loyalty. To make that happen, not once, twice but over and over again- we must advertise by not just showing you images, but now we have  to provide moving pictures they call video. Of course there is nothing wrong with a good slide show and info-graphics.

Sound too technical in a way? Right?

Listen, there are plenty of tutorials, how-to articles, and informational videos online on how to easily execute this new direction. So, on that note we are presently working to update our website with more video, more training and our very own membership board for customers and prospects.

So, if you find yourself reading this blog, be sure to look for our opportunity to provide the support you want, that you deserve because you are our customer.

In a round about way, we want your business and we thank you for your support. Our upgrade is just our way of making sure you buy from us, instead of the other guy. Come back and see us soon!