TrafficZion: How To Make Your First Sale With Paypal Visa Master Card Debit Card

The Best Policy For You And Your Business – Part 1

There is nothing that compares in this world to making your first sale or to describe the feeling further- as to your first dollar- online! The joy people describe making their first buck is but a giant. Bigger than you, bigger than us all. For the experienced marketer, seller or business owner- making money online is only the beginning. There are tons of things that went into making that first buck. There is the training, the learning, the frustration, the decision making and much, much more.

Traffic might have been what made “your” first sale? Maybe it was the product sales page, the easy order form or how the sales page overcame obstacles?

Or maybe it was the reporting, blogging, pleading and begging that one day, it would happen, all on its own.

There are two fronts to this report. The first is a wonderful traffic generating product called TrafficZion. Every business needs three things, maybe four. The first is traffic, the second is a good product, the third is “will and determination” and the last, would be a way to collect the money in exchange for your product.

If you are still reading this report, let me ask you a question. Are you interested in making that first sale, much quicker than before? Are you interested in making a sale, because you have not made a sale at all? Lastly, are you interested in making sure customers understand your return policy and purchase policy?

Well, if your answer to these questions are yes, then this report is exactly what you are looking for. Now, if you are not interested in any of these things- then kindly click away. Your time is valuable and it would be best spent watching re-runs of Gillian Island on Net-flicks.

Every product on our website is here to solve a problem and click products is our specialty.

Welcome to Click Products. Our “Click Products” are- very special, unique and exciting.

Our desire here, like you is to serve, by providing customers who read our reports, who read our blogs to purchase our products. We follow a strict six step process in our sales process and you are a part of that.

Every product has a 15+ day money back guarantee- except for those products that are digital in their special nature that once you read the materials, there is no taking back the information from your brain. Its like seeing someone naked for the first time and then having to erase that horrible image, especially if- I will leave that up to your imagination.

Everyone understands the nature of that policy and the product. To ensure your success we extend the door mat for you because its a product that we use, its a product we put forward and its a product you can not run your business without.

Every business has a special process for handling customers who report their problems to say, Paypal as apposed to connecting with support. Its an area of being an online business that is rarely brought out into the open and in this report, Click Products will open up that can of worms here, because when that problems associated with returns are clear- you, our customers will more likely purchase today, maybe tomorrow- or maybe you may not come back at all. And for those customers who do not come back, that is perfectly fine because- you know where we stand- its the other fella you will be rolling the dice, taking a chance and hoping for the best. Not so, here at Click Products.

Now that we have cleared up any negative and positive concerns- your objectives for buying here are out there- but there are some good reasons for buying here as apposed to the other gazillion places on the internet. One reason you want to buy here is, we both understand here at Click Products, we have lots of great products and we have clearly stated how we operate.

But today, we are not making changes but expanding and moving away from say, PayPal because we care about out relationship with them and ask that customers communicate with our customer service first when requesting a refund. We want to protect our business from the Buyer Rats. Customers who buy, never try the product, read the contents and then immediately ask for a refund- when in fact- the problem is not the product but a habitual buying spree of digital products.

There is little that we can do, so if you are a customer that we consider a Buyer Rat, we ask you to move on, buy from someone else. We don’t want you business and just so you know, the platforms we use will flag your so as to make your next purchase with anyone on the platform difficult and not process your purchase the next time. Buyer rats are really smart, so they usually find other ways to get what they want. Some will go some place else where they are welcome to buy, return, buy, return, buy return just for the sake of experiencing the check out process.

The product promoted here solve problems and if you have a problem and you find a product here, that will help solve that problem then – there are no objections. Simply buy the product, use the product and if at the end of 30 days ask for a refund. Our products do work. That’s all we ask.

So, now you have to make a serious decision.

You can either continue to hope and pray that a sale happens, or you can be the business person you are and explain to your customers your:

    • Purchase policy
    • Return product policy

How customers can feel good, safe an excited, so much so- you can purchase your products here in good faith, know we have a fair online purchase and online return policy.

Now, go about your way and click the buy button.