TrafficZion: List Building Class 101 | Part 1

Part 1 – TrafficZion: List Building Class 101 | How To Build an eMail List | Download Your Cheat sheet

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Greetings and thank you for stopping by again, because today we have something very special for you. We are going to write a four part series on building an email series that will rank in the doe for you.

We are all about giving you value here today. There is nothing to buy, so put away your purse, wallet and get ready for some real good information.

Now image with us for just a moment.

You have an autoresponder.

It may be expensive, but you have one.

Here comes the picture we're painting.

You have built a blog and you are reporting every day.

All of a sudden you have not one, not fifty but nearly 100 subscribers.

All you did was follow, the instructions we suggested.

Now what do you do?

Has this happened to you yet?

If, not- our team wants to prepare you because it will happen to you.

Quicker than you can shake a stick at that old dirty cat, that keeps hanging around the house.

That crazy cat.

So, what do you do?

Now, I suppose you know these folks are not just hanging around because they like you?

Nope, they hang around because every time you write something about anything in your niche, you are giving value.

Your invitation to sign up for your newsletter is what the people supposed to do.

You asked them to sign up, they did and now the ball is in your court.

People, what we have described here are just the facts.

Plain and simple.

People are on your list and today, it’s time for you to take action.

Let’s assume that you, at least created a series of emails for your readers.

Well, if you have not invested in your email sequence- you are doing a dis service to yourself.

Here is a good question. Have you paid yourself?

Yes, have you paid yourself?

Writing, suggesting and expecting to get a tiny fraction of something means that you are not just a welcome matt. You are a human being who has expenses and to give more to your readers, expect that income.

However, that income is not going to materialize if you have not invested in YOUR business.

Here are some probing questions you may be asking internally?

How many emails should your welcome email series be?

How often should you send these emails?

What do you write about in your welcome email series?

How do you combine jazz up your broadcasts and your welcome email series to bank loads of dollar bills?

How do you transition from your welcome, hi to to selling something?

These are all great questions and we are going to hit a few of them up, here. But, like an Old Time Radio Show, we have got to break for station, identification.

Every business needs traffic and not just any traffic, targeted traffic. The internet has all of the traffic you need. Gosh, if you walked outside to your nearest street corner- there you will find automobile traffic. On the internet, there are people traffic, electronic devices traffic, ecommerce traffic. Just about any traffic you can find, is found- on the internet. Again, every business needs traffic.

Traffic can be expensive, especially when you are just getting started. Most people start by buying solo ads. That can be expensive and some of the time, people walk away feeling less jazzed about their business investment. See, solo ads is an investment. The problem with this investment, it can drive you nuts. About the only person making money is the person selling you the solo ads.

Let me ask you a questions. How would you like to buy a system that delivers you, day in and day out- free traffic? Well, that is a tall order but how much would you for a system that delivered traffic to your webpage, your YouTube videos, and your links. How much would you be willing to pay for such a system?

Well, the bread and butter of a business is traffic. So, if this offer of buying a system that generates traffic then somewhere on this website is all the links you need to find out more. Now, let me remind you that the name of the product is called TrafficZion. You can find books written about TrafficZion on amazon. Just go to amazon dot com and type in the search bar, TrafficZion. Now, let’s return to the part one of our email marketing series.

Boy, has this been a hard day because we have some questions that need answers.

How many emails should your welcome email series be?

The answer to this question depends on your observation of your readers. Your email autoresponder will provide you with data that tells you if people are opening and reading your emails. Your welcome sequence could be setup for providing information twice a week for one month.

Or you can setup your email sequence for delivering a welcome email message four times a week, for two weeks.

Here is the deal.

People get busy and the get bored and what they really want to hear is "entertainment".

What are you or your business doing that they can do, or read about that will stir their imagination.

People, like these things and are willing to pay for them, so take note:

Niche Courses

Video Entertainment

Audio Books and Entertainment

Puzzles or Personal Improvement

Projects They Can Implement

These are the things that people like to read about, do and see. The way you deliver the goods makes all the difference in the world and there is lots of money in each and every one of these suggestions. More about that later.

How often should you send these emails?

Do you really need to ask this question when you emails are not getting the attention they deserve? Here is the answer. Send an email message early in the morning, noon and at about seven in the evening and watch your open rates score with your audience.

Now, insider these email message are opportunities. Yes, opportunities. Some people send offers, but we are not stupid enough to do that. Now, here is an observation. What other people send and what YOU send make liik identical. But the truth of the matter is, our opportunities are suggestions. Our audience can take them or leave them. It is really up to them, so- we incentivize our opportunities with additional products called bonuses. These are products that cannot be found anywhere else. These products are made and sold by you, thus our strategy here is we do not send offers. We send opportunities, mixed with products that cannot be found anywhere else, made by you.

Now, here we go. We can sincerely hear people crying about not knowing how to make products. Well, never fear- we have a free report on that subject as well.

What do you write about in your welcome email series?

Here is the answer to that question. You write about anything but you write about something. What does that mean? I love making soap. As a matter of fact, I love making soap so much that, I write about making it, giving it away, the new techniques about making soap. I write about giving my soap away, and I also write about some soap that just failed because my plans for the cute designs I wanted to try, just did not work out. Writing about soap as an email series is very easy. There are many approaches you can take. I talk about the tools needed, the hazards and what to do in the event of this or that. Additionally, there are seasons to soap. I make Christmas soap, winter soap, summer soap and the special occasion soap, etc. etc. Take this idea and write about your niche just as I have described here.

How do you combine jazz up your broadcasts and your welcome email series to bank loads of dollar bills?

This is an easy question, because the best way to broadcasts is to tell your audience about your special deals, your specials finds and special offers that you feel can be of value to your audience, your listeners and readers. Sending two or bore broadcasts in nothing new just be sure that your second broadcast provides value information about your first broadcast. For example, your broadcast was about a special discounted product offer. Your second broadcast will be a reminder about the first broadcast and the products, additionally- tell your audience about the progress of your first broadcast. Tell them when the sale will be and tell them exactly how much time they have left to participate before the product offer is over. Later, in a broadcast- announce that the product offering is over.

How do you transition from your welcome, hi to selling something?

Let’s get real folks. Every niche has products that will be pitched to a hungry audience. These folks are listening to you. As long as you provide 3/4 value and 1/25 product, you will make money and be i business for a long time. For every three emails, send out an offer. But be sure to broadcast, your special offers later in the day or evening. Be sure to give your audience time to purchase and of course- add incentives ie. When you purchase the product before 12:00 noon, you will receive x-y-z product with your order today and only today. Tomorrow, include z-x-y product as an incentive to purchase today. Does that make any sense?

Your welcome email sequence supposed to make an good impression. Well, that's fine but if you really want to razzle and dazzle your list, then offer something called "Download Wednesday". Recall, I talked about giving value 3/4 of your emails are about value. This is why readers come back. They want more value and perspective from the way in which you deliver it. Provide your readers with something we called Download Wednesday. Every Wednesday we send value to our report readers by introducing products that can be utilized in any niche. A DRAWING program for example, but not just your plain Jane product. A product that works just as good as but sometimes better than the most popular products on the market, money can buy.

Software, that your readers may or may have never hear of but work better than the box office paid versions. Giving your readers a "Download Wednesday" is not hard, but it is smart. This activity supplements your readers thirst for your news and information.

Wow. This is a long part one and we are off to writing about part two of this report.


Part 2



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