TrafficZion: List Building Class 101 | Part 2

TrafficZion: Create a Killer eMail Welcome Series | (Full Tutorial + Templates! Right Here!)

TrafficZion: List Building Class 101 | Part 2

Download Full Tutorial & Templates Here

Everyone loves a free and valuable product offer and we have one just for you.  In Part I we suggested that you already had an autoresponder provider. Why? They are a dime a dozen and they all have different features and abilities. Your autoresponder is an assistant that helps you grow your business. As a matter of fact, this assistance may be your first back off employee.

There are some autoresponder that you can try for free, for 30 days. Now, here is something to take into consideration. If you want a refund, then be sure to ask for one, after honestly giving the product a try. Be prepared to answer questions like why did you not like the product. If anyone ever looks into why you declined after paying for a product and not using it, then- it will be a hard upward battle for getting a refund. In good faith, you need to use any digital product according to their instructions, else there are grounds for NOT issuing a refund in your favor.

To get people to join your list, you must present an offer. People will react and join your list, like cats to fresh fish. Not sure why cats like fish, but you get the picture or the idea.

Are you clueless about what's proper for the asking?

Well, here is a special cheat sheet you need to get your first 1,000 subscribers.

I have got to tell you this.

I worked pretty hard to build this list. It certainly was not easy, but it sure was exciting to generate more and more ideal products that I knew people would want to give their email addresses for.


Here is how to write your first Welcome email series.

In your first email message, include the following;

Introduce your business niche, your business name and what you want your audience to learn and what they can expect from being a member of your audience. Your job is to provide your audience with news, information, and entertainment. You are to provide the big picture, demonstrate your excitement for the nice and why this niche excites you. Share with your audience why they want to learn from you, and offer an exciting and thrilling ride. Encourage your audience to participate by asking if you can interview them for specials articles, product trials and demonstrations.

Make a member of your audience an expert by writing about, how your business reached out to an audience member, pictures, photo's and video. Recall, that people want to be entertained. Be sure to talk about why your business exists and the goals you have for your business, your improvements and outreach for charities and such. Now, I an 100% sure this is probably nothing that you have ever read before? That is because, this is a business, not a social experiment. Long after you are going, what remains should be your business, its goals and operations which can forth with be passed on or sold for profit, just as a brick and mortar business.

Be sure to brand your efforts, just as we have branded our efforts here. Notice how we talk about with intensity TrafficZion? Well, there is nothing like this product out there, period and more importantly, this product actually works, which is another point. And lastly, we talk about giving value. Give your audience value and be sure your products match up to your niche in operation and suppliers.

For example, no matter what your niche is, you need traffic. So, in addition to providing news, information and entertainment about the soap niche, those folks in your audience could more than likely want to build a business themselves, thus learning about your traffic generation efforts will help those in your audience interested in your back office product offering, and TrafficZion could be one of them, as well as list building and more. That desire to want to learn more, puts these folks into an entirely new niches, called internet marketing.

#1 Thank you and welcome to Digital Tips. In 1980, James Currey visited a brick and mortar business called Rich Book Store. That store was owned by my great grandfather. My dad took over the store and while it did not experience the great success my grandfather had when he opened it, but it did provide for our family as my dad would put it. Later, the store was called Digital Shop Keep and a blog called Digital Tips was born. Digital Tips now exceed the sales of the Book Store because, Digital Tips is ran by a team of like minded people whom we call ourselves a family. Everyone here at Digital Tips, love to provide you with value every day. We all have families, we have children- and stay at home moms who love nothing more than to take care of their kids and contribute to Digital Tips. Our teams have you to thank for contributing to our family here.

We have a lot to offer you and for our big readers, we have a book list, a book bag and we also have specialties and hobbies (some people call niches), that interests you. Digital Tips is here to serve you and we promise if you like what we do you will be around here liking our stuff for a long time to come.

  1. Welcome and we will be telling you more about Digital Tips in our next email message due to arrive tomorrow. In tomorrow’s email, we will be giving you a free cheat sheet on XYZ. You will not find this cheat sheet anywhere else, and the sheet is available for a limited time for free. Your access code will give you the ability to download it, so be sure to open the next email and download your cheat sheet.

#2 Greetings and welcome. This will be a short email message. Here is your access code. The code is 9984-AB. Here is the link: Be sure to register with your email address.

We understand that your time is valuable and we do not want to waste it. So, tomorrow we have something special for you. We have a boot camp. There are five videos in this Boot Camp that will help you with X-Y-Z. We have converted the video into audio recordings, so you can just listen to the presentations.

P.S. This is valuable information, you will not find elsewhere. Enjoy.

#3 Hi-

Greetings from Digital Tips. On occasion, we offer our members, access to discounted products that have been brought to our attention, that you may be interested in buying. We have been graced with extending an offer to you that is 35% lower than retail. Click this link and if you find a product you want, please remember we exist based on the sales from these product. When you purchase a product, we can then pay ourselves, invest in new products, pay more to our employees and give you an honest day's work. We thank out for buying.


Many of you took the opportunity yesterday to purchase xyz products. We sold a lot of products, but we have some products that are sitting in inventory that we should sell or offer at another time. On Thursday, we will close the quarter for good, thus not offer this product until the end of the year- Christmas.

If you want xyz, you need to order immediately.

We thank you.


Download Wednesday was yesterday. Did you open your email?

DLW started after reading a research report about the internet. The report stated, that the internet is getting slower and slower every year. Now, that's not meaning that the speed at which the internet moves data around is slow. What that actually means is the number of opportunities being offered for sale are not as brisk buying as they use to be. People are not using the internet to buy as much, as they are being entertained by it.

Here is a link for software that demonstrates how you can build an online alarm clock, to give away or just to pass the time. This project was discovered a year ago and since that time after introducing the project to other people, we have had nothing but great comments about it. Sol click the link, try it. The process of making a new alarm, stop watch etc. is easy and just plain fun.


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