TrafficZion: Product Review | [Get Your Download]

Product Review

TrafficZion: Product Review | [Free #2 Employee Download]

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TrafficZion is a traffic generation software program developed in 2018. The objective of the software according to its developers was a strategy developed by actually performing the process manually. Imagine, clicking, liking and the sort, over and over again a few hours a day. TrafficZion 1.0 was thus born and for one year, people used the product and observed that “humans” were being directed to their website, clicking and going through their websites, blogs and the link. During that year, a lot was being discovered by these guys and gals, the first of the adopters of TrafficZion.

In 2019, the new release of the product, by some become know as TrafficZion 2.0 and along with this release a fresh look at new stories to share and a lot of interesting tips and tricks, one would have thought would be available in 1.0. It turns out the 2.0 is nothing like the first version. You can see from the interface, there have been strides, but the real owner is what occurred under the simplistic interface.

There are many, many YouTube videos that describe in detail, what the interface looks like as well as how to operate the software. But as time moves forward, the questions continue to be the same and here are a few popular questions.

Question #1 - How do I get my login?

Question #2 – TrafficZion does not appear to be working?

This review is not your typical review. We are looking, explaining and observing the software “sideways”. We are bias about the software because, we understand what traffic is and we also understand the strategy.

Everyone knows that people are lazy. People want instant gratification and to be honest with you, I want some took. But the fact of the matter is, it takes time, it takes guts and patience to hang in there till the end. Because, at the end- that is what its all about.

The most popular miss conception is, I bought the product to make money. Listen, people want water in hell, but ask yourself why. Why are they in there to begin with? No, the primary question every blogger, entrepreneur, online store, every online business should ask is: Show me the traffic. Show me the humans that visit your online store, you unique product link, your sales page, your blog or video, audio file, pdf and doc. The primary promise of TrafficZion is Traffic. Does it deliver? In the beginning of the car, there were problems associated with owning and operating this machine. No other name captured what it really was, but there were problems.

Most were engine, others were transmission as well as gas use, the there were tiny problems associated with starting the car as well as dials and instruments that indicated faults with the machine. Over time, all of these things mattered, but the most important thing that really matter was, “did the machine deliver you from point A to point B”. Now safety was never an issue, as a matter of fact more people died in train crashes as apposed to car accidents.

TrafficZion delivers as promised traffic and the longer the software performs the task of a human being, the more traffic sources the product can touch on your behalf. The user interface is very simplistic, so much so that most people who buy and use the software- say in observation, the interface is weak. Weak in appearance is what is being described, but when the promise to deliver traffic is fulfilled, then the interface makes perfect sense. There are three things that buyers and installers of the product should be concerned with.

The first in making sure that the PC software, is communicating properly, the second is the use of proper tags and the third thing is of course leaving the software to perform its job of generating traffic.

We give TrafficZion 2.0 two thumbs up on buying this wonderful product. When you buy via clicking the orange buttons, you also gets our bonus products made by us for you. Get your Free #2 Employee.

No one else will have these bonuses. TrafficZion has a 100% no risk Money Back Guarantee. Lastly, if you like to try products and return them, this is not one of those products, so go away. We might lose a few customers, but we stand in front of this product


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