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TrafficZion: How to Make a Ticker To Draw Traffic (BONUS BELOW)

A ticker, also known as marquees, tickers scroll across the width of your viewing screen, presenting messages that are designed to be viewed and understood at a glance. Now, these messages are commonly used on television screens to display news highlights or stock market data, tickers sometimes appear on the Web as well.

Today, with a few lines of HTML and Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) code, you can quickly add this type of content to your website but we are not interested in using (CSS). We are just simply interested in the generic programming aspects and the visual effects to draw attention.

Lets add a ticker to our website using a few lines of code:

Step #1

Open your Web page and view its HTML code.

If you use a text editor, open your page in the editor and scroll down.

Go to the part of the page where you want to add the ticker.


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Step #2

Now, press the "Enter" key to insert a blank line. The code begins with a "<" greater than sign. The word marque ending with another ">" the less than sign.

So to be clear, there is a marque beginning and a marque ending, but the ending has a slash before the m.

Hopefully the syntax below is good enough that you understand.

"Get Free Traffic with TrafficZion | See Our TrafficZion Ticker Server! "

Get Free Traffic with TrafficZion | See Our TrafficZion Ticker Server!

Step #3

We make sure that the syntax is clear. Our message in between the marque is clear as well.

The things we can put in between the marque vary.

We can put sales information, stats and just all kinds of things.

We can even put in messages we want our web visitors to take action on.

Here is a good message: "Get The Bonus Below" hurry before the sale ends.

Step #4

Remember: Update the code and the message to suit your design and message needs.

Step #5

The last step is to save your page.

Then open it in a Web browser to see how it looks.

Does that make sense?

Now if you liked this part, let me expand on this ticker by providing you with not only a challenge, but a on going project for TrafficZion.

As you know, TrafficZion is a software "Digital Assistant". An employee that is made to generate traffic. Now, most customers who use TZ or TrafficZion use the software on their main computer. The software can run in the background, unattended. As long as TZ is running, it is generating traffic.

The best way to run TZ in our opion is on a "Second Computer" we like to call the TZ Server. While not everyone will agree with us, it is human nature to play with stuff. We have one big piece of advice. Sto playing with the baby, because its not a toy.

Yes, TZ is a big baby and its only job is to generate traffic. But running on a single computer by its lonesome, could appear to be a waste. Not so fast. Did you know that your TZ server can also upload images, text files, html files, pdf files, audio files and in combination. As a matter of fact, your marque could say one message and 15 minutes later, your TZ server can FTP another .html file with a new marque message.

Ordinary, this could be done by a computer program or word press plug-ing. But you are not a computer programmer, are you? Would you care to learn? Well, we thought not as well. However, you probably would enjoy learning to script this entire process of uploading a file to your website every 30 minutes or less or maybe longer- quickly and easily.

Listen, if you are not interested in scripting your TZ server, then click away. But for those of you interested in taking your marketing to the next level and experimenting and implementing new technology using your TZ Server, then this project is for you.

The microsoft operating system since windows 95 has something called the Task Scheduler.

The purpose of this tiny program is to enable you to kick off programs, residing on the machine to perform a task at a specific time and date. You can even go so far as making tasks that kick off, only with specific credentials.

This software program or (utility) was powerful, but difficult to utilize.

Most people found that the program does not perform nicely. "all the time" by yours truly.

Let me tell you where it is, just in case you are interested in learning more. To locate this program, use the following location to find this utility. Once you get the hang of how it works, it is rather simple to use.

Click Control Panel | Administrator Tools | Task Scheduler

Hey, There Is A Better Way

Are you a programmer? Do you know HTML, PHP or Java Script? Well, if you answered no to any and all of them, this is great information for you.

There iside the Macro Scheduler as the name implies is a task oriented managed that literally replaces the windows task scheduler. Its one more reason to buy the software, if you have not already done so.

The program (scheduler) was made to allow you to control when and under what conditions you see fit to kick off your task. Now, imagine having the Macro Schedule upload to your website a new image, picture, audio file, html file, pdf and more on a regular interval basis. heck, you could even have the software tell you if your TZ server is on and working.

Thinking out side the box, this is a cool way to change your website without knowing how to write a program to do so.

The following code performs an upload:

cd C:\inetpub\wwwrt\infowb\facr\cron
c:\PHP\php.exe -f ./cron_pdf.php
ftp -s:ftp_upload.txt

The following code here is for your task scheduler as its job is to kick off the task:

'run script' "C:\inetpub\wwwroot\site\x\cron\daily.bat"

Now, if you want to learn what each of these lines do, then research. Go ahead. Knock yourself out. There is a much better way.

Software Download | For TZ Server

You need a special piece of software, called a macro recorder. The most powerful one we know of can be found at:

Macro Scheduler (

Please locate and download this software. You will be amazed at what you can do with this software.

We are going to be talking about this software for a very long time.

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