TrafficZion: List Building Class 101 | Part 3

10 Strategies to Create an Irresistible Lead Magnet (711 Subs in 3 Months)

Your freebie (also known as a lead magnet) is the front door your online business.

When you build a customer-attracting freebie, your business will do perform well. However, if you build a front door that is ugly and doesn’t work or appear inviting, then say good bye to your little friends.

My freebies have been downloaded over 40 times in 12 days (update: the number has since increased), so I do believe I have a trick or two to share with you about creating great lead magnets.

Here’s the ultimate tutorial on how to create an irresistible freebie that leaves a great first impression, positions you as a kickass expert, and gets customers RUNNING to download your lead magnet immediately.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • Tools I use to design a lead magnet, really makes them looks really professional
  • How to create a lead magnet that’ll get people sharing it
  • How to promote your magnet to get more subscribers

Hey, pin me up?

What’s an ethical bribe?

  • Something of value you offer for free, usually in exchange for someone’s email address.
  • It can be an ebook/audio file, pdf reports, mini course and more.
  1. What’s The Best Format For Your Lead Magnet?

It took me awhile to figure out which freebie format was best for my audience, and these are some pointers to consider:

Firstly, what’s the rest of your industry doing?

If everyone in your industry is doing an audio, you’re going to SMASH IT if you do video. You’ll just stand out more.

Attract readers from the get-go who are willing to read your content and apply it.

Ask, what format is your content regularly in? For instance, if you regularly write blocks of text on your blog, a PDF report may work.


For example, I changed my freebie from a video to a PDF report. It worked! Signups went through the roof.

I may have uncomfortable with certain formats… but I did it anyways!

  1. Is There Really a Need to Create Content From Scratch?

This is a really nifty trick I learned from a popular blogger (via stealthy examination). I was trying to figure out how this blogger managed to create way too valuable lead magnets. This is what they were doing. Not only did they create a book, a cheat sheet, a work book which is nothing but a book with general fill in the questions, but they also read the book into an audio file and made the book into paper. This person showed me how to 10x one product into many, many items of desire. Including a lead magnet. Amazing.


Convert your most popular post into a PDF which allows you to create a great freebie that’s proven to be popular in a short span of time.

Of course, it’s always fine if you want to create something mind-blowing that’s entirely new and fresh. Nothing wrong with that.

  1. So How Do You Decide On What Your Freebie Will Be?

Simple. Take your initial idea and flex it by 10x. Pull various parts to make a cheat sheet, read the cheat sheet to make an audio file for those folks that prefer audio. Your audience will want the freebie because it has everything they are looking for especially for their mood. Create something that's in demand, something that people need or must have. My ideal customers are feeling small and invisible, and they want more traffic, then give it to them. That's when you can rely on using outside influences, and your audience to generate something totally new.

  1. Your Freebie Must Looks Professionally Designed

First impressions count and that's why it is always a good idea be sure you generate multiple designs. If you hate three of your designs, then present design #1 on Monday, design #2 on Thursday and the last design on Sunday.

Pole your audience as which design they like and post that design and the final.

To get the very best, I recommend using to create a great looking report/ checklist, but I recently found another site that does just as well.  It is FREE and it allows you to create really great looking PDFs and graphics that’ll blow your subscriber’s socks off.

Here’s an example of a PDF report I created ages ago with Canva on getting more organic traffic: Sample PDF design using Canva.

If you’re creating a mini course or video courses, check out my tutorial on how to create and record great videos online, protect your content and get more subscribers using a membership software script which I sell.


  1. A Good Title is Half The Battle Won

Your lead magnet has to have an enticing title.

For instance, I used to have a freebie titled “200 subscribers in 72 hours”. People started subscribing like Hot Cakes!

Click here to download 220+ fill-in-the-blank templates of catchy headlines in a nifty PDF that will change your headline game once and for all.

Prep Yourself to Step Up Your Game

Your freebie has to be your BEST work, period.

If you have a crappy freebie that you’ve quickly put together, people are going to tell, and they’re not going to stick around. In fact, they’ll probably unsubscribe pretty soon.

Giving your best stuff from the get-go ensures that people remember you and prime them to buy from you at a later date. It ensures that your brand stands out from the crowd.

Creating something good off the bat also results in people sharing your stuff to their friends, giving you free organic traffic. It’ll all pay off in the end.

  1. But Finally, Give People a Way to Share Your Freebie Easily

Always give people an option to share your freebie via your specialized link. If they prefer to share it the way you see fit, then tell them to do so. Encourage but don’t tell the how to do it. Let then decide how to, if they dare.


  1. Take It Easy, No Hard

Nailing your freebie on the first try is not hard but rare if you mess it up. Understand that  I went through several iterations of lead magnets before I figured how to create excellent ones.  Keep going, keep it high quality, take what I say here as a lesson.