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Kindle Publishing How To, How Do and How Can I Make Money Writing eBooks


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How To Write And Publish Your Book In 7 Days

There are several ways to start YOUR day and today we are going to start by asking “How Do I” make money writing ebooks. Yet, another question I should ask is, “How To Make Money” writing ebooks The third question YOU should ask yourself is “How can I write” ebooks that make money? Now, I could have started the day, by simply being angry at the world because I’m so poor, I can not rub two nickles together to get a quarter.

But that’s the world’s fault, its mine.

There are many ways to get started writing ebooks. One way is to figure out what you want to say and just write it down, publish it and some body will make you some money. Here is some advice, good luck with that.

Another way to make money writing ebooks is to have someone else do it for you. Again, good luck with that.

Folks the best way, the honest way is to figure out a few things about yourself, your commitment and your desire and aspirations as to why would YOU want to take up such a challenge, ad then write a book. Listen, before I cross into another tangent, here are some good logical answers for you to consider.

Yes. You can make money writing ebooks, because everyone else does. At the same time, did you know that over 97% of ebook authors fail to write books on a specific subject that never turn into a gazillion dollars. That’s because, most of the time- the book written are on topics readers don’t care about. If you have a burning desire, a simple desire to really write a best seller or something close to it, then you need to give your passion a chance and try.

There are a million reasons authors are unsuccessful publishing. Most of the time, authors are just not good businessmen and women. They lack knowing the in’s of the publishing business. Is it their fault? NO because everyday something changes. The rules for writing, the topics and the public.

People are mostly interested in stuff that they like.

What would happens if your new book title goes viral on the market where every publisher wanted a future chapter of your next book. How would that make you feel, if a check arrived by US mail and you open the envelope and there before YOU is a check with six figures on it.

Not sure about you, but I would feel pretty good. Listen, there is more than one way to skin a cat and today all that can change in a heartbeat. You need to invest in you and take a chance. Now, some people think they need to be rich to do this. Fact is, the answer to such non sense is NOPE!

If you are truly interested in publishing your on ebooks, making the big bucks and making a difference in the lives of others then this product is just for you. There are thousands of products out there, so carefully, consider your purchase.

Listen, if you were not a good student growing up, then don’t let that stop you. If you lack a PHD, don’t let that stop you either. Some of the best ebooks out there were very simple and easy to make. The trick the smart authors used, was that they simply solved a unique problem and the funny thing is, people gobbled up these books up. Why? Because people were desperately looking for a solution to their problem.

Hey, enough said- Click here.

You have nothing to loose. You can either continue to dram about making your way into the publishing industry or you can investigate here and now, it won’t cost you a dime.


100% Free – New PDF Download Report Makes You Cash Fast Sell & Deliver Digital Products On Auto Pilot Free Report: Three Easy Steps To Etsy Success


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eMail Hell And How To Fix Your One Trick Pony

TrafficZion Center eMail Communications Project

How To Manage Your Email Using "ThunderBird"

Have you ever contacted a product developer, maybe a YouTube influencer, your best friend, another blogger. The funny thing is, it can take days for these folks to get back to you. Now, we pondered this problem for a long time, because we were literally faced with the same problem. Having fewer email accounts does not help, my friend. Logging in one account, logging out another can not only be a pain, but your productivity can come to a screeching halt.

Customers are getting smarter. Yes, sir. Most customers check YouTube to determine if the product they are interested in, has a review. Understand, this is natural. The information is there, why not check before you buy. Now, what is truly interesting here also, is that most reviews on YouTube come with a terrible pickle. Buyers are looking for the best bang for their but and the affiliate marketers are doing just that. Providing those folks who want the tiny additional products that suppose to make the big purchase well worth buying from them. Hey, there is nothing wrong with that.

However, for the serious folks that buy product that are suppose to do this, or are suppose to do that, find them selves stuck with the product. So, they whisk off an email message for support, low and behold- a big fat, slow and sometimes awesome surprise you can gladly call email hell. Now, I could have called this report, eMail Hell And How To Fix Your One Trick Pony. As a matter of fact, that is exactly what my sub head will read, leaving my current sub head as the third in a series of titles. I am sure Google is going to like that crap I am pulling. Don’t you agree.

Listen, Paul. Yes, Paul. The guy that emailed me a question. I don’t like what you said. Sure, its the truth, but I am not liking you right now. Paul, is my best friend and he tells it like it is. It hurts my feelings, but sometimes I gotta get some truth, while other people lie to me, and to you.

My team recently released a new product. It’s free. It’s a syndication product. OK, pardon me if I get off the subject, but this is important. Suppose you are a noob and you need to really put your plans into action. No one knows you, understands you, or want to work with you. Content is king, so I am told. But, as a noob, you have not learned the ropes. You have dabbled here and there. You have the best Free Traffic Generator working, and your “Digital Employee” is doing what it is told to do. Now, its time to put up or shut up.

First the noob, tries writing everyday, uploading, submitting and all that good stuff. And finally, the noob get tired. Yep. Here goes. The mule get tired, and my uncle gets tired and my mama gets tired and my girlfriend leaves me and my wife gets tired and the kids get tired and let not forget, its a family unit. Left out the dog.

With support that big, who would have thought- blogging was not just a job that makes you tired, but it makes you crazy. Yes, crazy. Ok, back to the noob’s solution. The noob has two, maybe three choices and of course- I am going to leave one choice out. The noob and either hire someone to write for him, or write the blogs himself. Nothing wrong here, just the two choices. The solution is syndication. Now, here is something that everyone who buys TrafficZion should know. TrafficZion does not make you money? Yes, I put it out there because people are under the impression that, once I install this software, I am going to get rich. Far from it. What your “Digital Employee” is doing for you, your brand and your website is sending opportunity traffic to a link, in your behalf.

Now, comes the big part, the relationship developed when HUMANS see your website, your blog, your video and the value there, is where the magic happens. Humans are going to like your stuff, and when they do- take the time to find more about them and that is why syndication was created. Like TrafficZion, syndication for a noob or even someone experienced, gives them a break from writing and posting. There are major benefits to syndication for both parties and that my friend is how an opening is made, and how you make your first sales. Does that make sense? So, here we have is a problem, a solution and a relationship. I am sure everyone has heard of guest blogging.

Getting a noob in front of an already established brand. Now, try guest blogging. Yep, trying emailing a “Giant” in the space you are interested in spreading your message. Tell us, just how many times will you be rejected. Guest blogging is more one sided, don’t you agree? Food for thought my friend.

Now, after getting established and organized, you have one of the biggest problems on your hand and its called email. The solution is, something called “Thunderbird”. Thunderbird is an email client. Of couse, and yes- it is free. The product come in Windows flavors and Ubuntu or Linux. Unlike the other clients out there, this one is not going to cost you an arm or leg, foot or toe.

Like everyone else, who works hard at accessing this account or that account, taking time to figure this stuff called business can be difficult. But one thing that I have learned, using “Thunderbird”, is that I do not have to log into various accounts. With just a few clicks, you will have access to all of you cpanel email accounts, gmail and what other account out there and lets not forget our phones. Yes, we can communicate everywhere, but as stated before- one place, to access them all.

The other day, I checked my email account and discovered there were over 40,000 emails. My phone is not the best client/machine to address email folks. Any noob, should know this. But what is truly nice about “ThunderBird” is the nice customization, thoughtful replies and such that I can try my hand at.

Folks, get “ThunderBird”, the client that is going to save your sanity.

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How To Setup Your Own Gravatar for TrafficZion

Setup Your Own Gravatar for TrafficZion

What is a Gravatar?

A Gravatar is just a piece of code that is unique to YOU and more your property. Everyone has a unique Gravatar/avatar. An avatar is an icon or an image that represents you in the virtual world.

Btw, a Gravatar is a Globally Recognized Avatar.

Q: Should you use a logo or your photo?

Answer: Entirely up to you. Prefer the use of logo. Can't sell your business if your face is all over it? Right? But that is entirely up to you. Be sure to check out the Famous Amos, cookie guy- and what happen to him when he lost his name.
Slap a logo on it and you'll be a-ok.

Strategy: "Did you know that any changes made to your Gravatar image in your Gravatar account is made across all websites" So, if think what your Gravatar would look like if it became a domain name. ie. "space constraints". The address would have to be pretty short and easy to type.

We like Gravatar for two reasons:

#1 - You can update Gravatar images, emails and profile information in one convenient location.

#2 - You can build recognition and drive traffic to your website.

Before you setup your Gravatar, have this info ready on hand:

First Name_________
Last Name _________
email Address ___________
Password ______________
Website (Word Press) Domain Name (
About Me_______________________
Public Display Name __________________
Primary Site _____________________
Web Address ______________________________
Language [English]_______
Dashboard Color Scheme [default/classic bright]

Note: You can make changes to your Gravatar at any time. However, be sure that your website and the web address are the same. This is the property YOU own. So, if your website is then use that, do not utilize anything else as this is the more important of your Gravatar. Also, do not forget your user name and password.

This is everything you need for your Gravatar. You can add a logo, your photo, or drawing later or if you add something you do not like, you can freely change everything again, as many times as you want, just do not change your website address, just put that in there only once.

Why do you need this information?

TrafficZion uses Gravatar. As a matter of fact, its the magic of making the software work to your advantage. TrafficZion manual uses is very well known, but the internals are a guarded secret.

To better support our customers, you need information about TZ and that's exactly what you get here. It is paramount that customers know how to install TZ and how to configure their Gravatar.

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Click Solutions: Attention Affiliates Who Help Us

Attention Affiliates Who Help Us! Warning about haters!

Today, you have untold reach and access to billions of people across the globe. All you need is a laptop, Wi-Fi and an opinion. There is noting wrong with that. We all have elbows and ass-holes, but what makes us different is how we think and believe about things. Some of us agree to the same things, other not so much and then there are those that sit on the side line, watching everyone else duke it out.

Listen, when you see a dissenting comment pop up on online publication, do you cringe? Are you quick to call them haters? Well, the heck with that because everyone has an opinion, so- we are all haters. But are they? Do they dislike what you have to say, or really dislike what you stand for?

Haters don't hate you, they just hate themselves.

Say, if you sell a product and that 3% don’t get it what do you do? Better still, what do you do when they send you hate mail. “I want a refund or I can’t get it to work or this is a waste of my time”.

Have you ever ran into that noise? Well, we have all been on the other side of that stick and to be honest, most of the folks who sell product that say, “I WILL HELP YOU”- are gone once they get your money. Do you know why?

Because those are the folks fighting, charge backs, refunds and everything else you can think of. They are very busy, hiding and most of them are just as frustrated as YOU because it was suppose to be easy.

Here is a great idea. If you don’t understand the product you are promoting, then don’t offer it to your audience. However, if you understand the product and it working for you, why not promote the product yourself. Offer additional services at rake in the cash, yourself.

A while ago, my team posted a report- about people who buy from us and how the scammers need to take their business else where. We’ve posted our terms of service, thus people know where we stand. But in asking the scammer to go else where, they have no idea where the other guy stands. Mostly likely, and always no in their favor. The scammer usually return, because- they know and understand today’s systems will mark you as a high product return customer.

Did you know that, when people disagree or are threatened by what you post, they don’t react to a person, they react to a computer screen. Now, the screen doesn’t feel. The screen doesn’t hurt. But you do.

This frees that person from their social inhibitions, its like having a beer in front of the computer. BTW, that’s not a good combination. Its like drinking and driving- a big no, no. People get killed every year doing that stuff and do not let me tell you how many drunk people send their boss a message, while drunk telling them “they are an ass”.

Well, if its the weekend- don’t come to work because- “YOU DON”T have a job.”

You’re Fired!

Like, not in the movies. You are stupid fired.

Listen, people have feelings and we sometimes do not take criticism very well. But what everyone can agree on is that, there is no reason to get upset when the line to hell is long, the flames are not upon you, but you hear people screaming- just be glad its not you. Listen, when people disagree with you- they may not be upset, they may be correct. Don’t take things to the next level, stay calm.

There are many, many problem out there and the “done for you solution” may be the best thing for you and the customer. Offer a done for you solution, before, during and after. Allow others to be your voice. For example, there are several books that people use to study to pass professional tests. Most of the authors are very good at what they do, but their book voice can be honey to bees for some people or crap to stink for others. Ever met a college professor that you could never see eye to eye. No matter how hard you tried, they just suck. Through observations, some mothers discovered their children learn better with working with or in opposite the sex of the child. Can you believe that? Could working with another human being be that difficult?

The answer to that question is yes. Sometimes, its not about who you are working with, but to what temperament the person has. Now, what should you listen to this message, from Click Solutions? Because here, at Click Solutions its not about one person, its about you and we will make sure that everyone gets what they need using the products we sell.

The haters have been warned that we do not take kindly to their language, their quick to buy behavior with a habit of high product returns without ever giving the product a fair chance to do what it suppose to do.

To all of our affiliates, we forewarn you of the ugly side of – and we call it like it is – making money online.

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Ant plus WSO Product Review

Ant plus WSO

Ant and WSO is an all inclusive product that was developed to communicate with YouTube influences and Affiliate marketers via a One on One professional and business conversation.

Now, before we talk about what this product is all about. Let's first define what is a Digital Product. So, what is a Digital Product?

A digital product is an electronic product sold and made available via the internet that may or can contains a program, information, a video or training, an ebook- all for the sole purpose of "solving a problem" or providing a solution, there in turn where the author of the product sells the solution and in return, receives a tiny fee.

The Ant and WSO are actually two products in one that demonstrates a way a newbie or an experienced person can use the contents inside (with a few personalized modifications) get the attention, and more importantly- arrive at the desired results. What do you say to a YouTuber who has over 5,000 subscribers or an affiliate who has a huge list? But why would you want to communicate with one or the other? What's the real objective? Answer: Both have huge subscribers and the best way to build your list is to offer both parties something in return that will put money in their pockets as well as help you build a list very quickly for your self and long term build a financial JV partnership that benefits both parties.

In a nut shell, that is what the "Ant and WSO" is all about.

Now, lets review the product in detail. This product has a lot of positives going. For one, the buyer does not have to reinvent the wheel and from what the product says, you can have a crafted product within an hour with a little practice. There are some suggested products, but what is very interesting is that no autoresponder is required. But rather an indorsed product called OptinDesigner is recommended. The product was written using LibreOffice Writer which is a free open source product similar to the Office Series product that everyone is very familiar with.

There are a few things in this review you should be aware of. To use the product as is, all you do is open up the LibreOffice Writer files. Locate an affiliate you would like to communicate with. Open up Thunderbird. Create a new email message and be sure to address the email with the email address of your party. The copy and paste on of 3-4 email messages into the new email. Right along side of entering the email address and or web address in a OptinDesigner form. Plus with Thunderbird, you have to address the signature line and click send. The next step would be to rinse and repeat.

The most interesting part about the process is that you can easily build an email list of your own for internal business communications. This way, you can re communicate with the using the second letter of correspondence. For those folks with an autoresponder, you can easily export the data from OptinDesigner and import the data into your autoresponder and send out a Blast or Shout Out.

The communications could be the announcement f a new video or a new product or blog message. This is entirely up to you. Is there a better way to do this on a wider scale? From the way I see it, communicating with someone about a product or service on a special personal one on one chance to touch base is worth it. Rome was not built in a day and most businesses are faced with a steeper curve greater than we have here. If you do not get anything else from this product, is that famous quote I recently heard “It’s Progress and Not Protection”- I sincerely hope that you get my meaning.

Ant and WSO is one of those products that really bring you back to the typewriter and stamp days, where people communicated with prospects and customers the old fashion way. It may not have been efficient, but it certainly did build some of the greatest companies in the world today.

From what I see for the cost of a lunch at your local fast foods, this product is worth the money being asked.

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