What You Should Know About One Time Payment Autoresponders


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We received an email message about a new autoresponder. It cooks, it cleans, but it can not and will not include what you really need! Read our story and decide for yourself if you think self made autoresponders who’s one time payment is attractive.

About three years ago, like most folks we were on a kick about paying monthly for an autoresponder. For a while there, the big autoresponder companies were getting their sales cut flat. Yep. Like most folks, we were on the band wagon for more control, better deliverability and major less out of pocket money. The world was at our feet, asking US to pay only a small fee and for the rest of your life, you had an autoresponder that could cook, clean and kill or capture every email address in sight.

So, like most folks we bought into that dream and we stumbled with everyone else, but we learn some important things and that is what this report is about. Stuff, you never knew until it happens to you, because most of the “stuff” never gets put into the reviews.

Why? Because the reviewers are all still using the big boy software that requires a monthly commitment and refuses to change to save a few bucks because what they lose, they will never get back in productivity.

Ok, what is all of this fuss really about. Well, if we are sounding like we are the rat to spill the rat juice about the crap that is out there, get a load of this.

We purchased two autoresponders and got as a bonus for buying some affiliate marketing product a bonus called OptinDesign. The best software out there period!

But what was to be learned about the two autoresponders out there turned out to be something of an allusion of the real crap out there, where what you want, what you desire, what you need is perfectly, being decided by a programmer who is smarter that YOU.

So, what is our conclusion, when it comes to the autoreponders out there.

#1 – They are all appealing, they look good but “ARE THEY”?

#2 – But then the rules get changed (due to upgrades) YOUI never asked for.

Here is something I DISLIKE, but will look for in the next autoresponder: Why can’t I add an email address to a list and have that person go through the entire series?

Here is something I DISLIKE, why is it that the autoresponder decides when a person never opens my emails, it will automatically delete the email ever 30 days without my permission? When I discovered that xxyxilit did that I hit the roof. Sorry about the spelling, but we are trying to live within those rules.

Here is something, I DISLIKE, why is it that I have to buy the extra stuff to make the front end work. For example, I bought a program ($17), I wrote the folks because it would not allow me to import my addresses into the software, it worked for a few weeks but after I complained, they said they were not going to work on it anymore (we call this kind of software Vapor Ware) cause poof~ its gone and so was I. I loved the concept of the software, but the programmers were not smart enough to keep our cookie, so we move on. Wish I could send them some hate mail, but because the software is not working, I doubt they would ever get it.

Here is something, I DISLIKE- but learned the hard way. NONE OF THE pay only once, autoresponders will allow or give you the ability to create a TEMPLATEs you can share with other folks, so here is the deal. I make a template for something and discover, I could never give it to my friends, my customers so they too can you import my templates and nor could I generate exportable templates.

Yep! Oh and lastly, here is something, I DISLIKE- the software company determining if my hard earn members who signup are idiots and so they delete them without my permission because we users are just too stupid to run our own email autoreponder.

Lastly, I just ran into the biggest problem I have ever had. How to add multiple squeeze pages to one database. Here is what i mean?

#1 – Style or squeeze page – earn xx – FORM1 – > Affiliate Marketing DB

#2 – Style or squeeze page – earn xx – FORM2 – > Affiliate Marketing DB

#3 – Style or squeeze page – earn xx – FORM3 – > Affiliate Marketing DB

#4 – Style or squeeze page – earn xx – FORM4 – > Affiliate Marketing DB

#5 – Style or squeeze page – earn xx – FORM5 – > Affiliate Marketing DB


Each squeeze page if of a different design, but the AM db is the same. The idea here is to see which squeeze page works for different markets, ie. YouTube, face book (which I DISLIKE – cause they can change the rules and poof~ you’re out of business overnight) or they can reject what you are doing and shut you down.

There are no courses on building a mail list with considerations I have just mentioned?

OptinDesigner – is one of the most prolific softwares out there that is truly interesting, works great and has lots and lots of templates.

So, if we were to recommend a program to use, there is nothing out there that makes sense at this time, except if you have an email list of less than 1K. We would highly recommend that you jump on anything that is free, that reminds you to buck up after you have exceeded 1K or that offers a bundle, and or allows YOU to EXPORT your creations to share with your audience.

If you find something like that, be sure to leave a comment! We will jump all over a highly converting forms, with different templates and has a rather nice price point when it comes to the number of emails on file, plus the ability to manually add emails to a list which will complete the series.

That’s all we have to save about that. Do you feel me?


100% Free – New PDF Download Report Makes You Cash Fast
Sell & Deliver Digital Products On Auto Pilot
Free Report: Three Easy Steps To Etsy Success