Why Solo Ads or Solo Blasts on The Big “F” is Bad

Every business needs traffic.

Traffic is the life blood of any business.

One of the biggest problems faced today by anyone who buys solo ads is the fact that there is always an actor who can fake YOU into believing that the traffic you just bought is or was human traffic. The temptation to purchase cheap human traffic is very great. Especially if the traffic you want to purchase is unknown to you, traffic that looks so good, to be true.

Question: What is bad traffic?

This is the answer: Traffic classified that you do not want to be a part of the transactional state of. Appealing solo blasts by actors who do so on your behalf.

This traffic can demoralize your efforts and sales thought processes.

Traffic that is so bad that it the cause of you to constantly question why sometimes your traffic is very good from an actor and at other times, very bad. Now, this very good traffic is opt-in traffic, later only you discover that the email addresses are not real. An actor has gotten the best of you and there is nothing that you can do. You can cry about it. But listen, how did this all began.

Here is the premise.

You spot an unusual advertisement. Nothing wrong with that. As a matter of fact, you may have placed advertisements yourself. Trouble is, as honest as you are; the business cycles in your favor every now and again. You honestly secure a real prospect, complete with email address and interaction, all signs that give you hope and accomplishment. This is normal for any businesses man or woman.

So, you spotted this advertisement.

What strikes you as something different makes you think, that’s not such a bad advertisement.

Now some people who are more experienced in this area of marketing would say, “It’s not such a bad offer”. Maybe I can save money if I give this or that a try. There is nothing in this world wrong with giving a new business a try on a smaller venue.

Back in the old days, we would always contact a business prospect via US mail. Reaching out, in the end ment, a face to face meeting. A lunch or dinner meeting to discuss if both parties can reach a deal and late hammer out a contract or verbal understanding. What is interesting here is that, both parties know, understand and want to help each other grow in the years to come if possible. As a matter of understanding, maybe a 90 day or a six month agreement worked in both parties favor. This is how business was conducted years and years ago.

Not so, today. You get burned and often times, there is nothing you can do.

That’s how it really goes.

Please, don’t’ think that social media will help you if things go wrong. Other folks reading your woes will gladly acknowledge that, it was your own fault and that what happen to you would never happen to them. These are the other people reading, watching and sad fully laughing at the broken down consumer who has been taken to the cleaners.

And the funny thing is that most social media sites are never going to throw that bad actor out and there is most likely, nothing that you can do to hurt or mime the actor. Sure you can call the bad actor out, but over time and very quickly- cause social media never saves anything.

Here is a quick test, go back one year and try to find dirt on a person slash bad actor slask dispute. Sorry, pal- not going to happen. As a matter of fact, you can even ask people about their experiences a year ago, or the stories that they have heard and all you will find is a big zero. The bad actor is still there, in the dark corner waiting for the next tiny fly to fall into their trap.

The truth is, that life goes on and you have just lost two hundred dollars.

There is nothing that paypal can do for you. There is nothing that even your own credit card processor can do for you. It’s a tough nickel to swallow. Life continues on, unless. Yes, there is hope and truth. But the problem is not entirely unsolved. As a matter of fact, the best thing that you can do is sing out loud what happen to you, posting your experience online on a property that belongs to you. Sing out loud that problem, what hurts the most and how you can ask for help and or assistance in what others would do. You write, just as I am doing so right now.

Tell other people what happen and what you can do. Well, here is the deal. There are some very hard working people out there and they are over looked because their prices are just out of this world. But instead of using them, there are advertisements out there that are just too good to be true. Instead of walking away, we try them and we rate them, and in the end, we walk away with zero.

There are some expensive ways to determine if the traffic source you are using is a fake or not. But what you do not understand is, paying monthly $30 a month using tools that protect you is similar to fake traffic. You can spend all the money you want on these cheap, no good service, but in the end- you are a the perfect storm. Most folks who spend that kind of money are willing to gamble, week after week on traffic sources, exerting their tool on the source only discovering after exhausting a fortune on buying and experimenting with traffic, that they have lost a lot of money with nothing to show for it.

They say, there is a lot to say about free organic traffic. But like everyone else, I have problems with stuff that is SEO free. The biggest problem is, the traffic never shows up for one reason or another and or the traffic that does so up, is not enough to sustain. When you cannot sustain the immediate, which means it could take years to build a list.

When traffic visits your website, a property you own. They or the people who click your links leave a foot print. You can find out what they click by looking inside at your cpanel.

You can also purchase inexpensive tools for less than say, twenty dollars that can pretty-fi your links and provide the counter mechanism, you desperately need. Now at this time, I am by no means going to mention or suggest a specific toy you can purchase, that will help you in this area.

But just understand you can look at your cpanel logs and see the traffic.

About two years, ago I had an encounter. I found a cheap advertising source on a very well-known website called something with the letter F. My purchase went well on my side, I just put in the digits and the provider or agent just provided what they say they would do.

The traffic was sent to a link I had designated. I did several low tech things to prepare for this solo advertisement. I created a quick squeeze page. The squeeze page was my free offer. I was promised over 5k clicks. What I liked more about the advertisement was the fact that, if I was not satisfied I could get my money back.

Now, being the business person that I am today, I do not want my money back. What I want from any business is what we agreed would happen. I wanted leads. That’s all that I wanted and that’s all that my link was entitled to do.

The event took three days to complete and on day one, I thought my traffic was pretty interesting, I could see the clicks and I could see how the clicks were building. During a solo, what happens is. The business list owner, takes your information, formulates an email message with the objective of sending traffic to their own link. The link is programmed to convert to the buyer’s link. The seller’s link supposed to count the number of times that someone on their lists clicks that link, that way- they have a recorded way to know exactly how many people clicked their link.

Now hopefully, you understand that the buyer has their infrastructure in place for counting and attracting people. For the buyer, they have their own link programmed to count the incoming clicks. In the end, the objective is for the buyer to get opt-in or sales. Now, I want to talk a little bit about sales. The likely hood of that happening is rare. It happens, but again it is rare.
Now, here is the rub. What I have explained here in all business fairness is who things supposed to work. But there is always an actor asking themselves, how can I make more money? How can I screw over the other person without their knowledge?

A while back, when I was researching this issue, I ran across some software. The purpose of the software was to fake generate traffic. The software clearly was nothing that I was interested in, but what I did was- to keep the idea under my hat. When I started buying solo traffic, without spending a dime on these expensive monthly monitoring and collusion software, it occurred to me there is this big giant world where you now have to learn how to buy solo ads and determine if you are being ripped off.

Upon further investigating this traffic generation software, I also understood that the software was made to make it appear as if the click via a proxy ip address was coming for a tier three country. But the most exciting part about all of this was, that I knew that my cpanel could tell me, if I read the information correctly where clicks were coming from.

And from that knowledge, I discovered that this actor whom I had just purchased traffic from “F” was running a traffic generator program. My cpanel told me that the traffic was coming from one basic ip address with each and every other slow click coming from an address in the same range. For the non-geeks, that ment the traffic was actually from a bank of less than five computers.

With each machine clicking my link. Gosh, there are so many ways this can be done its totally stupid.

Gosh, when I discovered what was going on, I then decided to quickly change my squeeze page from a opt-in to a YES or NO response. I did this because, I had learned from one of the big guru’s out there, this is the easiest low cost, low down method of determining if the traffic is human after all.

Turns out I was correct. The traffic was zombie traffic. The seller was using a traffic program to send pre programmed clicks.

Now, before you accuse anyone of crap like this. You must document and demonstrate your evidence. I even when so far as to notify the support platform about what I had discovered and I received no response what so ever.

Do you have kids? If so, have you ever seen kids of opposite families fight or duke it out over what appears to you or I something petty. Rather than intervene, we sit back and let the kids hammer out their differences. That’ is exactly what the “F” did.

Before the final hour, I contacted the seller and told them what I had found. I made it very clear, I did not want my money back. I sent them my report and demonstrated what supposed to happen and all I got back was, I will give you your money back. Again, I did not want my money back but I was forced to take my money back and in taking my money back, I was unable to post a bad remark, in the form of the performance of their service. They had a 4.5 approval rating and that is because the people who buy the traffic, did not fully understand what was happening to them. This practice continues today.

It’s called fraud and there is nothing you can do to shut these $5 mini fake traffic, solo blast generators where they rake in clearing thousands of dollars weekly from innocent people who just want honest clicks.

Well, there you have it.

PayPal, one of the biggest processors is taking a stance on bad actors. They are slowing closing accounts for no reason, other than the fact that bad actors are not responding to bad or financial issues as they relate to customer service. PayPal will no longer be that judge between the actor who sells crap and the buyer who should have known better. From this vantage, who’s in the wrong here? The actor or PayPal. Well, all we know is- PayPal is changing the rules, terminating agreements and disrupting business functions for the bad guy and that’s a good thing.

If you ever experienced any bad actors out there, put your grievance on file.

Leave your comment for the next guy to see. Some people love social media, the problem is if you business is on this weak foundation where the rules change over night, your business will crumble or your free leads can dry up fast or the harvesting software you  use could stop working.